# 125 Updated 8-7-08 Talkers Blogging Nightmare Experience’s

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Goodness the joys of blogging. With my original entry into the Blogging blog world, there were some, at the time, difficulties. Waded through those problems, feeling a joy at having done so. Well, that joy of having done so took a wicked turn, when my Daughter suggested that “why don’t you get a domain and set up your our own site”. So full of questions that needed answers, I boldly set out to see how that might be accomplished.
My what I call “feeling tones” must have been on vacation, as there were no clues to the approaching nightmare, that took over. Now please don’t misconstrue what I say here, as that is not what this post is all about.
Well for starters, I was very happy with my original blog setup. For real fun, give it a try. really not much problem, once the tee’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted. So as I accumulated information on the in’s and out’s of setting-up a self-hosted site, things some what escalated into obtaining a domain name, a hosting service, and off I was into and onto a self-hosted blog called The Talkers Blogs.
Yup, there is a learning curve involved. Depending on many variables, this can be gentle on ones disposition, or trigger a raging eruption of “why would anyone do such a thing as blogging”, with the attendant. short temper, flair-ups during minor mishaps of any kind, and nightmares of blogging with WordPress. Again don’t get me wrong in what I’m saying. WordPress is a great program, if you have no special requirements, such as multi-blogging with one database. Guess what I have? Yup, a multi-blog with one database. Did get help on the original install through the WordPress “install for free” program, a gent named Michael, thank you Michael. Worked fine, but not quite what I needed for multi-blogging. Did a little fine tuning, and a lot of learning. Guess who promptly messed the whole thing up. You got it, none other than the Talker. The “install WordPress for free” people don’t do any thing else but “install at no cost, a new setup”. So was on my own here, no fault of theirs. So some long and frustrating hours were used to settle deeper and deeper into the bottom of the WordPress barrel. I don’t mean for one day, but for a few weeks of that brutal schedule. In total frustration, and looking for any kind of help, I noticed a Ninja ad that stated they are experts in “new installs” at a reasonable cost. So after a few emails back and forth, and a prepay, got all setup again. All is going fine, but still lacking “what I wanted” as a functioning blog. So, in that no one wants to go beyond the basic setup, unless your willing to pay $80.00 an hour for the first hour, with no idea of “how many more hours would be involved, this maniac, starts the “fine tuning” process again.( Did by the way, buy two books, ” WordPress Complete” by Hasin Hayder, and “WordPress for Dummies” by Lisa Sabin-Wilson. Both books are very good, and you should, take my word on it, buy them, They help, but NOT for how I wanted my blogs to function.) So here I was, still attempting to achieve the “functions” that I wanted. So now, I was making great progress, learning and doing things that you don’t need for an “out and out simple blog”. But mine was “not a simple blog”, it is a multi-blog with one database. With the roughed out “close” to what I wanted, this inexperienced with WordPress nut case, ignored the gently awakened “feeling tones” and updated to the latest and highly touted new version. Ye gads, you knew what was coming didn’t you! You got it. My “close” to what I wanted blog was immediately rendered into an amazing mess. Many of the internal processes of the prior version were “REMOVED” and only with many awkward and difficult doing, could one do what the prior version did “with relative ease”. Try as I will and could, it was like removing a speck of sand from ones eye with boxing gloves on. Not to worry though, revert back to the prior version. Oh yeah, guess who now takes the time to read the “fine print”. Cannot revert to prior versions , as the database is “converted” into an “updated” database. What! So now, this inexperienced so to speak ,and now a very tired of WordPress, blogger, commences the steep learning curve again. Unbelievable what I had to detour into, learning wise, to comprehend what was needed to reassemble the multi-blog that had been “close” to what I wanted, and running some what smooth, until I had updated. BUT I DID IT. All in all, WordPress is a great program.
There is more, that I perhaps, should have written about, in restoring to the prior version but may cover those steps in another post.
Being very curious about my experiences to-date, I Googled the following, to put it all in perspective:
Problems with WordPress:1,070,000 hits.
Problems with WordPress Ver 2.3.3:, 497,000 hits.
Problems with WordPress Ver 2.5:, 379,00 hits (3 weeks since officially released)
Problems with Blogger:4,140,000 hits.

Be Well.

This beautiful WordPress program is still a nightmare to get tamed. In that I had used the neat Theme Generator to get this sites layout, some functions (at least for me) had to be manually activated. Oh boy, another journey into the unknown. Post in the WP forums, ‘how does one get the RSS operation to activate or show’, dozens of posts give little clues that lead nowhere. Dozens of try this, try that and soon one is using the soft pillow laying along side the keyboard to pound ones head into. Anyway finally succeeded in nailing down the how it’s done. Wow.

WordPress ver 2.6.1, a very good blogging platform for general use. Still not a good platform for a multi-blog user, even with all the fixes and updates. All the good features from the much older versions, are still missing that made for good multi-blog use. Don’t confuse multi-blog with a multi-user blog. Big difference between the two platforms.
Anyway, did try the latest version on my fake Local Host setup. Will stick with the old, as the new just doesn’t serve my purposes well enough. Just won’t hold my breath until the old good features are restored.

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