# 33 Ever Heard About Walk-ins!

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The further I travel, the more aware I become, of how little, I actually know of spiritual and physical life. Oh well, I have all of eternity to catch up to it all.
While doing research on a few unanswered life and death type of questions from decades past, an interesting bit of data had indicated that “soul switching” can take place. To me that was a very new concept to follow and think about. My first thoughts were “what did soul switching accomplish!”. Researching into the matter indicated that “soul switching” as I had become aware of it, is called “walk-ins”. Some of what I had found is written in this post.
Be Well

[ food for thought ]
At the time that we volunteered to come to Earth as Light Workers, most of us agreed to remain here until the completion of the current evolutionary cycle. As we measure time here on Earth, this cycle is scheduled to complete by approximately the year 2011. Thus, for many of us, this will be our final incarnation on Earth. For this reason, this could be considered to be “completion” lifetime, during which we are completing, or balancing out many, many experiences that were begun in other lifetimes.

[ The maybe ]
When the individuated, embodied part of Spirit, the Soul, has completed what it set out to accomplish in a lifetime, it has three basic options: take on a new life goal (Reincarnation-in-Same-Body), die, or walk out. If the Soul chooses to walk out, an agreement is made with another Soul to walk-in and continue the embodiment. This is not possession. It is not a requirement that a person be a walk-in to ascend. It is simply an individual agreement and another way of entering onto the planet.

[ more maybe ]

If one has experienced 7 or more out of 10 of the symptoms below in a period of 3 to 6 months, it is likely that you are a “walk-in”. It is also likely that you may need some help getting clarity about your situation so that you can better adjust to your new life. Here are the symptoms of a “classic walk-in” Soul Exchange:

1> Extended Period of Unconsciousness While Ill
2> Some “Memory Loss” or Episodes of “Lost Time”
3> Dramatic Change in “Belief Systems” and/or Religion
4> Dramatic Shift in Interests and Spending Time
5> Inexplicable Acquisition of Talents and Abilities
6> New Approaches to Solving Unsolvable Problems
7> Overwhelming Evidence You Are “Not Yourself”
8> “Significant Others” Saying You Are “Different”
9> Sudden Leaving of Long Term Marriages or Jobs
10> Rapid Series of Challenging “Life” Problems

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1 comment to # 33 Ever Heard About Walk-ins!

  • You are a most interesting one Talker. I genuinely appreciate this about you my Beloved Friend. :)

    Speaking outloud in first person as ‘food for thought’, I will say that I have felt for awhile that this was/is the ‘final’ incarnation here for myself.

    I stopped asking why about two years ago…

    The maybe … did muse on this one for awhile and thank you for ‘mentioning it’ two years ago. hmm … well .. would you look at this! lol ~ mhmm …

    What I will share about this may~be ‘revelation’, is, what was still ‘confusing’ me. I was still identifying my soul and spirit as two different energies and this kept me from this feeling of complete restful energy feeling, I call it Peace because I feel it all the time now, in myself and I notice the significant difference in my feeling. That is what my attention was being drawn to more and more and each experience led me to the way I feel right now.

    The more I sense the vastness of this Energy, the freer I feel inside and my outside world is matching my feeling.

    Pardon my ramble here Talker, this one is overflowing ~ :)

    The ego is of the same Spirit as the soul’s it expresses through. There is always communication going on in the same being. This would explain alot of what ones call reincarnation and/or deja-vu occurances in ones life, in my honest opinion.

    My sense of who I am through out this process of being more physical world oriented into the crossing over into a new orientation of there being more to all this and going through the weaving between ‘two’ worlds into one and the same ongoingly ~ so, I see this as a very good possibility.

    Thank you for being such stretcher to stretch with. Rubber band Man ~

    I’m agreeing with the feeling that there is an agreement made by our authentic self to participate here. There’s only one underneath it all and its just remembering the place we kept our agreement.

    I could say yes to all of the above in moments …

    Much Love Radiating your way Talker,


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