# 126 America, Politicians and your Existence updated 10-15-08

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# 126 Razors Edge
America,Politicians and your existence

Goodbye to the old America. Welcome to the new. Are you happy with and enjoying your current standard of existence! If you are listening to and believing what is being said to you, you are in trouble America.If you are believing what the front runners for the Presidency are telling you, you are in even deeper trouble.
What you are being told about coming changes, and work toward a better America, is not going to happen. You will be told, it takes time for betterment to happen. You will be told to tighten your belt until the changes take effect. Meanwhile your future is being toyed with.
Our liberty and privacy has gone the way of the buggy whip, gone.We hear of how “we” need to improve freedom in “other” areas of the world, while “ours” is disappearing. One hears of ” the need to train ex-convicts” so they can get good jobs. It won’t be “good” jobs at all, but cheap labor for employers, getting tax breaks at America’s expense.I would be pleased if it turned out beneficial for the ex-convicts.
Meanwhile, educated business professional and technological people are unable to obtain meaningful positions, with a livable salary.come on just who is kidding whom! Many are requesting the government to pay for this or that whatever it is, and are annoyed that it raises taxes in the long run.
There is no free lunch, except for the biggies in office, and CEO’s getting millions in perks for driving a company into bankruptcy.Deprive workers of health insurance and benefits and give the CEO a raise for doing so!
The story of “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand, seems like nothing has changed since the time of the books release. Aah, guess I’m way off base here.
Everything is beautiful. Politicians are looking out for your
betterment. The war to end all wars was just a dream, lots of young people still available to sacrifice to the gods of greed. Oh for a job like the well paid senators, away from their job for months on end, while running for office and feeding us the pap of better days ahead.Companies making billions while gasoline sold at 37 1/2 cents a gallon, what are they making at $3.99 a gallon! Oh well, must be having an off day, to be carrying on like this.

(updated 10-15-08)
[quote]But Bernanke warned that even if the financial markets level off, the nation will not snap back to economic health quickly.
“Stabilization of the financial markets is a critical first step, but even if they stabilize as we hope they will, broader economic recovery will not happen right away,” Bernanke told the Economic Club of New York.
Paulson, making the rounds of network TV morning shows, struck a similar note. “This will take time. There will be challenges,” he said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”[/quote],9171,981386,00.htm

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