# 35 Thoughts On Walk-ins and Death

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# 35 The Psychics Blog
Thoughts On Walk-ins and Death

One reader asked a few very interesting questions, regards my posts. Was unable to answer with a few simple sentences, so decided to make a post of my response. Some problems remain though, “how does one verify” things or events like written here. Is it idle thinking! It there any kind of proof on these subjects! What is written does give pause to ones thinking process.Sure is not what I learned and was taught as a kid.
One way or another, bits of information read, or heard, eventually start coming together and coupled with intuition, seem to sound and feel “right”. Now that don’t make it right, yet it hurts no one, so where is the harm in allowing some semblance of “comfort” to set in. Many aspects of life can trouble one in efforts to understand the “how and why” of it. So regardless of the veracity aspects, if some kind of “peaceful and comforting” soul relaxing feelings creep in, just enjoy it. Anyway, it is food for thought.

Here is the verbal exchange:

Apr 26, 8:55 AM — — View post “# 33 Ever Heard About Walk-ins!”
a very interesting look at life. Wondering how long there has been data on this. Any links to the “sightings” of UFO’s nationwide or could this NOT be from that type of other soul? Mean, if we have intelligence here (and I know we are the one’s calling ourselves intelligent” what about the intelligence from other planets and the mysterious disappearances of people, some of whom return and say they were kidnapped and suddenly are changed people?

(Talker) Two totally different situations. For now will stick with “walk-ins”, and even this, at a very basic level. The exchange of souls takes place only under very specific conditions. Not everyone that is declared “dead” and seemingly returns to life, is a “walk-in”, but at “that moment” is when an event like this “soul exchange” could happen. The process serves a purpose at and from astral levels difficult to comprehend, from our physical perspective of it. Are a few stories from the bible, that I highly suspect, involve “walk-ins”.
Still doing research with the subject matter.
Regards the aliens, this calls for some one dedicated and very advanced in remote viewing to follow up on this matter. If I make it beyond 150 years of maturity, may give it a crack.( stop laughing now)

Apr 26, 8:59 AM — View post “# 32 What! Angels Talking To Me!”
Why then is is so difficult for some to recall any dreams at all? Why can’t I call up a spirit to visit me and speak with me? Why is it that the communication is at the spirit world’s pleasing? Is there a possibility that we can call them up and have the needed chats or clarity or comfort talks?

(Talker) Like so many areas of life, recalling dreams takes a bit of a learning curve, and a willingness to do so. Also lack of certain nutrients and or amino acids can make it appear no dreams take place. But research indicates everyone dreams, but wont necessarily be able to recall them. Will one day do a post on it. Common misconceptions of what happens after one passes, falls into a number of categories. We die and that’s it, oblivion, or that a soul is just waiting for the phone to ring. Not so in either situation. Life like action in the spirit world commences immediately after ones last physical breath. The astral world has levels (or floors) of existence, that would boggle our human mind kind of thinking. Closest I can come to a simile, is preschool, kindergarten, grammar school, high school, college, post doctoral, with each step having the equivalent of many physical lifetimes. Each step upwards makes it more difficult for a soul to lower its vibratory rate to answer any “call” to communicate with us at our physical vibratory rate. There are learning, healing, and teaching modalities that the soul gets into that some what parallel life like, busy busy actions. Same as when some one has to tap your shoulder to get your attention, because your so intently focused on what your doing. I do believe there is a point, some what like “our” vacation times, that ones call to a soul for a chat can happen. Still researching this out. Will post more as I come into it. Everything said here would actually takes a book to thoroughly cover the topics, the difficult part is the verification process. More as info come in.

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