# 39 Talkers and His Babbler On Remote Healing

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# 39 The Healers Blog
Talkers and His Babbler On Remote Healing

Many are the times that deep thoughts surface when my Babbler
gets going in high gear. Some call this introspection, day
dreaming, and even nonsense. Have come to the point that I lend
credence to a few of Babblers outpourings. Recently Babbler
gained my attention and really laid it on with questions.
It went some what like this.

Talker, Sir, may I have you’re attention please! (Talker) Whoa,
Babbler, whats with the Sir and respectful tone of voice!
(Babbler) Well it’s been some time since you hit the “serious
button” and generated some serious and deep thoughts.Actually
took me awhile to wade through all those new thoughts.Appears
that the prior ambient tones have leaned heavily toward
altruism. You trying for sainthood? (Talker) Cut out the crap
Babbler. More likely that the “Hell concept’ would freeze over,
before any sainthood would be conferred upon me. Naa,not
looking for sainthood, would much more prefer more worldwide
“right is right” applied to all human thinking process’.
(Babbler) You gonna say anything about you’re recent
application of remote healing! (Talker) Wow, that was a fast
switch in questioning. No I don’t say much, if anything,along
those lines. (Babbler) Why,not! With all the past applications
of “remote healing”, wasn’t there always the underlying
question of “does this type of healing attempts, really work!”
(Talker) For you to actually bring that matter up, is butting
in where I prefer you kept your yammering quite. No ones
business what I do along those lines. (Babbler) What were you
looking for when you did the “I need a healing” search and got
1,620,000 hits? (Talker) Sheesh Babbler, you just love to annoy
me with that crappy poke, poke and jabber, don’t you. When I
got the 1,620,000 hits, I was curious about people looking for
some type of healing, and what their problems were. I was
saddened to find that many hits, and this is only those that
actually made a move to find help. Would venture to say that is
only the tip of the iceberg, of those needing some type of
healing. Would rather not talk anymore about this matter.
(Babbler) Touchy touchy, aren’t we! How about the family
healings? (Talker) Sheesh, yammer yammer, ease up a bit won’t
you! Some things I refuse to expound upon,but do believe there
were some instances of success, along with a heart breaking
failure. (Babbler) There, but don’t you feel better for even
going that far with it? You made the effort and that is what
counts. Even Jesus had a bit of trouble with one healing. That
wasn’t the fault (if you want to call it so) of Jesus.There are
many variables involved with healing and you are fully aware of
those aspects of healing, so stop the moaning and feeling sorry
about nebulous perceived failures. Now why not say some thing
about a recent application of healing that brought joy to your
heart, due to the rare feedback you got. (Talker) Oh
well,anything at this point to quite you down. Here is the
series of events that came to pass. Will of course be very
vague with some details, to maintain privacy of the individual
it pertains too. One other detail, is that I normally refuse
to detail the “how and What” of the process’ I use, in what I
do. For those that perhaps were or are in the same questioning
or even a doubtful mode, what is said here may nudge them into
action again.The issue of saint or sinner is left for another
time and post. Through a series of events, I had offered a
healing to another, based on my “feeling tones”. The offer, and
acceptance of a healing was granted. Here are the details (most
likely the only one I will ever post of this nature) of how I
proceeded. Had some feedback on this of a positive nature, so

here goes:


Date: 5-24-2008
Soul Username: Mona Lisa

Written immediately after healing session, and to the best of
my recollection.

Prep time.
Seek time.
Focus time.
:Feeling Tones view” during trance state:

Difficult time of gaining focus – only blank clear screen –
Prayer – intent – focus – slowly “scenes” of long bones appear
= no head – no flesh = very hard to clarify into view –
requested more form of aura – slowly faint outline began to
form – than only black streaks and dark cloud motions
persisted, until I grounded the chakras through the overall
aura – Aura took on more of an outline – brought up and in
“earthtones” – aura rapidly hued into gentle browns – brought
down light golden color energy – used upward browns and
downward golden – purify and blend the entire aura – ran the
seven chakras energy colors upwards three times, before
alignment and stability set in – ran white energy up front,over
head,down back,until I “felt” it was “right” – resumed at feet
and flowed ‘all colors” up through “all” chakras – allowed to
flow up and through “center” to rapidly flow up and cascade
down like from an overhead fountain like movement – down to
feet and drawn back into center for another upward flow and
cascade action – aura was now flowing and swirling bright
colors – no more darkness – perfection restored – prayer of
thank you – for the reawakening to her natural state of
perfection that she is, regardless of what she had ignored –
“feeling tones” of peaceful strong flow of perfect energies –
prayer and out of level.

There were some minor details left out, but was the basics of
what was done.

A further note:

I’m not able to always fully interpret the “feeling tones”, but
do at times evaluate them for my own edification. Like stated
in earlier mails, is a bitch never getting any feedback to the
“works” that I do. The one site that I used to “work” with
doing things of this nature, was with “no” other contact with
those requesting any healing efforts. So there was never any
feedback. They closed down the free site and went to a pay type
process, at which point I dropped out.
Rightly so, and have no concerns over that, only a “ego”type
thing of “is it true that “others” are in some way affected
beneficially by these actions. So for what it’s worth, you are
sharing in the thoughts and methods,of one that actually
believes that these things WORK.

1 comment to # 39 Talkers and His Babbler On Remote Healing

  • Hello Talker,

    Wow!! Fascinating! Really. I am surprised that you have done this and received no feedback. What a shame that ones are not willing to share their healing experience with us so we can all benefit. I think it would be great to participate in this!! I appreciate your willingness to go where most draw back from going. I truly enjoyed reading this. Keeping the faith with you.

    Sending Love your way, Be Well,


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