# 15 Talkers Thoughts on Medical Experiments on Children

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# 15 Talkers Thoughts On Medical Experiments on Children and Returning War Vets

May come as news to some, but antics of this nature is nothing new. Only that this doctor was caught doing it. Ah shucks, what are a few kids sacrificed on the alter of greed. Bull, these are future adults that will be paying a price all their life, so some greedy human, if not caught can gain fame in a published medical journal. Same as with the returning injured and mentally hurt returning vets from the war. Could puke at the news comment made that “we didn’t anticipate so many coming back like this”. What do the idiots in charge of sacrificing “the young lives” think. Billions for armament, but you best get killed, not maimed, as we did not provide money for that event. WOW, what crappy planning. Beautiful, precious, young lives destroyed on that alter of greed and deceit that is being presented as “to better the conditions of people in other countries “. I don’t pretend to fully understand the stupid mechanics of war, but am fully able to ferret out, who is making out from those being sacrificed. Some of what I read, is that “we” are not welcome in many of the places where conflict is taking place. For many returning vets, life is not beautiful.

(the tip of the iceberg)

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