#127 Talkers Thoughts on St.John’s Wort Study on ADHD

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#127 Talkers Thoughts on St.John’s Wort Study on ADHD

More and more one can see the way money talks.

Classical example here, is the talk, has reached the loud screaming

stage. Scattered throughout my blogs are posts that reflect this

sorry state of affairs. Children are being labeled with invented

illnesses and treated with drugs, that affect them for the rest of

their lives. Basic corrective nutritional approaches should be a

higher priority, than the existing drug them approach. Hearing and

visual impairment, often overlooked, is behind many of the

misdiagnosed conditions of these children.

I hold to my often stated “If you are doctoring and using

prescription medication beyond three months, it’s time to take a

new look who is treating you and the medications being used”. Yes

yes, I realize there will be exceptions to the issue, but they need to

be just that “exceptions”, not the majority.

Regardless, whether infants, children, teens or adults are involved,

Anything being treated beyond three months without strong signs

of improvement, needs a second look. Some signs of healing must

be showing in three months or sooner, not later.

Latest case in question:

St. John’s Wort Study on ADHD

NaturalNews) On the heels of shocking revelations that top

psychiatric research Dr. Joseph Biederman secretly took $1.6 million

from drug companies while conducting psychotropic drug

experiments on children, it has been learned that Dr. Biederman is

now one of the key collaborators behind the latest efforts to

discredit St. John’s Wort. In a study published in the Journal of the

American Medical Association and widely reported in the mainstream

media, Dr. Biederman and fellow cohorts “concluded” that the St.

John’s Wort herb is useless in treating ADHD in children.


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# 15 Talkers Thoughts on Medical Experiments on Children

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