# 36 Talkers Thoughts on The Inner Babbler

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# 36 Talkers Thoughts on The Inner Babbler

Well now, here we are, with a need to get you, to know what I call my “Babbler”. History is rich with descriptions that can apply to the babbler in each of us. I even suspect that while we each, have a personal babbler, deep within us, there is a “highly individualized” Babbler.
The field of psychology and psychiatry would have a field day with this issue of ones babbler.
So, within a broad scope of “normal” you’re not really crazy or nuts, as some would say, if you mention a “voice” in your head is speaking to you. So who or what is that voice that is incessantly chattering away. Constantly reminding you of bills unpaid, desires for a new car, pro and con choices of having an increase of family, job concerns, health concerns, actually this list is without end. What ever those inner voices are saying, they are your own unique voices. Childhood upbringing, religious teachings, blended well with incoming experiences are what determine “what you are hearing” in your head.
So how can one be sure if those whisperings are normal, bad or good to follow through on! Are you “nuts” in that sense of the word, to listen and follow certain inner prompts? The pulpit will point one to the bible for guidance. Esoteric, metaphysical, and occult disciplines will all point you toward other sayings. I like and have adopted the Huna saying of “cause no deliberate harm to another”. That’s it in a nutshell. No complicated things to follow. Don’t deliberately set out to harm anyone, for any reason. Again, that’s it. Accidental harm can happen, but unless it was deliberately intended to harm, one is not racking up “bad” Karma points. Karma is another area of great confusion. Will refrain going into that subject for now though.
While there seems to be a “chief” honcho I refer to as Babbler, there are many other babbler relatives that get into the act. What are their names you may well ask! Well, from my take on it all, lets call them all by terms one is familiar with. Babbler can manifest as love, hate, anger, frustration, doubt, sickness, wellness, poverty, wealth, greed, and envy, with many unmentioned, each with many sub-titles. The various titles and sub-titles can and often do, force one into making choices. At this “split in the road of choices” is how, what is commonly called “good or bad” rears its head.
The reaction to ones action, is the determining factor at that point. Equilibrium is maintained if well balanced with heavy doses of common sense. Ones Babbler can be reeducated to use common sense, if that quality is missing, its not automatic by nature.
I’ve read that one needs to “still” that chatter going on in ones head. But then what! Golly, I sure don’t want a blank mind, do you? Far better to my way of thinking is to “reeducate” the chatterer. Would actually take a book sized tome to cover all the twist turns and angles involved here, but will leave it, as is, for now.

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  • Could it be that once one has quieted/stilled their mind, that in that action, could cause one’s Babbler to become reeducated? Is it possible?

    Sorry it’s been so long.. after a brief hiatus, I am back.

  • (Tink wrote)
    Could it be that once one has quieted/stilled their mind, that in that action,
    could cause one’s Babbler to become reeducated?
    Is it possible?
    Sorry it’s been so long.. after a brief hiatus, I am back.

    Welcome Back Tink,
    Could keep it simple and just say “yes” ones babbler is “educable”, but why use five words, when dozens and dozens can easily be slipped in.
    ‘As a Piscean you come face-to-face with soul consciousness.’
    Do you recall those words I wrote and left for you, some time back.
    Go back to that post and reread the whole of it. You are ready now.
    Now, here is part, of my recent post ‘The various titles and sub-titles can and often do, force one into making choices. At this “split in the road of choices” is how, what is commonly called “good or bad” rears its head.’
    Notice I had omitted the word ‘ugly’ from the above sentence that reads
    “good or bad” rears its ( left out that word ‘ugly’ ) head.” Those choices “you” were subjected to, were all neutral energies. Understand they were neither good, bad or anything else. They were you’re Souls evolvement, as was showing in that brief post I referred too. How you reacted with specific emotions and feelings, is were the good, the bad and the so called ugly enter.You applied, as I did, along with billions of others, specific labels and titles to those ‘energies’. Basically they were all “rich” experiences for the soul. But at the time they take place, it is and was a pure crappy period of “God what else is in store for me!” Always disliked what showed up at those times. Shucks, I’ve been there a thousand times over. Dam, some of those periods hurt like you wouldn’t believe. Many turbulent emotions were stored away in the body, ready to pop up and stir the pot to a fresh stink. It was the reading of one book ” The Secret of The Ages”, that changed the flavors on my trip doing “life’s learning curve”. Actually it was very simple to alter the thinking process. Bull crap. Babbler doubt, with every imaginable and even unimaginable relative rode my ass every bit of the way. The Secret of The Ages book, was highlighted, underlined, filled with notations of many thought on the bull crap, that the unlearned babbler was slamming at me, regardless of what I was reading. I have many posted stories about ‘The Secret of The Ages’ and my progress in teaching the snot, just who is the boss. Yes, little by little, was learning and persuading my babbler to become my Babbler. The experiences I relate in my posts, are all, with rare exception, all mine. I added only enough to the stories to keep them from sounding like a maniac going bonkers, and still be understandable.
    Tink you’ve reached another path ‘choice’ and correctly chosen, will reveal ‘the beauty and genius of the real you’. The turbulence you did post, I feel, was only the tip of the ice berg, of emotions involved. Lift the bushel, and reveal the true brilliant flame that you are.

  • Hi Talker,

    Your honest and genuine sharing is refreshing. We all go through it don’t we!?! Thank you again for sharing and being the True Brilliant Flame that you are too!

    Many Blessings and Be Well,


  • Ha ha – – ‘the beauty and genius of the real you.’ I hope to reach that soon, although the process can be a long, grueling one I’m sure. With some blind faith (wich for me has been hard to come by lately) and added knowledge I too will get there. You, my kind sir, are already there. You’re currently revealing your brilliant flame.

    In time, in time.

  • Welcome Home to The Real You Tink,
    Thank you for the kind words.
    Was going to do a long winded Talker comment reply, but will only show you, what I’m not replying with. (LOL I am) So will keep it short.

    Please change this thinking process ‘although the process can be a long, grueling one, I’m sure with some blind faith’. You only feed the untrained babbler with more fuel with that kind of thought. With the spunk and grit you display, modify that thought to ‘although the process was a long, grueling one I’m in full control now’. Use this new thought ONLY for a few weeks though. and let it enter your thoughts dozens of times a day. That will keep that untrained babbler snot at bay, while that babbler is coping with the new words. It’s a bothersome process, and it does take effort to achieve a new level of thinking. Some thing like any habit one has. How do you break a undesired habit! By modifying it. Don’t deny it ( the habit) that only increases the inner pressure. Be aware that the untrained babbler will be down at the barrel bottom, scraping up new crap to bring up and toss at you. You’ll be annoyed at first, but so will the babbler be annoyed. You will be amazed at what will surface, that was dredged up from the deepest segments of mind, trying to keep you from being BOSS. For every negative that pops up, immediately modify it with a positive. And just let it go. Hard work, right, yet like the shampoo commercial says ‘ but I’m worth it’. If you need to, read the post:

    Changing ones thought process can be done. Training babbler can be done. I’ve been there, and have made great progress, with more beautiful progress lined up. Funny now to recall some of those old serious episodes, where jumping off a bridge was very tempting and fast way to seemingly solve a problem kind of thinking. Much more story could be added here, so short of writing a book, will only say ‘you can enjoy the fact that the best is already happening’.

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