# 22 Talkers Thoughts On Obscene Actions In Our World

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# 22 Talkers Thoughts On Obscene Actions In Our World

Maybe the word obscene is improper use of the term. Lets see, insanity, shaft the people, sheesh they all would apply. Where is the American public outcry on some of these happenings! Where has good old fashioned common sense fled too! Oh, that’s right, most are focused on the presidential candidates and the promised changes. Millions being spent to set up another Florida election fraud! Ah yes, even if a popular vote indicates the American voters choice, they won’t have the final say, will they? Some happenings just plain stink.

(where it should start)
# 6 All Nations of The World Need This Cure

(These are food for thought)
U.S. Military Demands Bonus Money Back from Soldiers with Arms, Legs Blown Off

Military Integration Another Step Toward the North American Union

Gitmo For U.S. Children: Center for Retarded Kids Uses Electroshock Therapy

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