# 41 Thoughts on Addictions, Habits and Craves

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# 41 Thoughts on Addictions, Habits and Craves

One of the forums I participate in had posted a question about addictions. I include here what I had posted on that forum, plus what further thoughts I’ve included here.

Re: Addictions
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Greetings To All
With Best of Health To You.

As usual, the wide array of interests and viewpoints on this forum, are truly beautiful mind bogglers and jogglers. Do enjoy reading through them and the associated comments. Now for the situation at hand “Addictions”. There is no “one simple solution” to this question. The ‘Why not’ begs answering. We are all ‘Unique Jewels of Light’ on this temporary home we call earth. Just think on that for a moment. No other soul on this planet, has that, which you are composed of. Oh, body wise, yes, there are many others that may ‘look ‘ some what like each other. But that is only a ‘body’ comparison, and has nothing to do with ones Uniqueness. As I walked, ran and crawled life’s learning curve, there were many whacks across the shins with a short length of a wood two by four used as a club. A few of those whacks on the shins rapidly gets ones attention. Addictions to some degree, fell into that whack across the shins category. The normal understanding of the word, is all based on a negative connotation.
Personally, I believe a new awareness of that word must include a much broader scope of application. Addiction and ones habits are to me, very synonymous. Consider, habits are a thing one does on a fairly regular basis. Addictions are also a thing one does on a fairly regular basis. No addictions or habits you say! How about ‘waking up each day’ at approximately the same time. Do you buy just any brand of tooth past! Buy just any brand of soap! Read just any kind of book! What is hidden behind that facade of addiction and ones habits!
Desire and intent are the root start of it all. Gradually it can expand into regular usage. Whop, you have a habit, and that can expand into addiction. Not necessarily a bad or detrimental situation. So if one has introduced the so called ‘addictions and habits’, one ‘can’ also remove them. Here is where the difficulty commences for most people. Use your mind, pray to God, read the bible, just stop doing that, takes will power, and the list can go on endlessly with the how to achieve that removed condition to the desired. Doing so is doable, but there is much more involved than what meets the eye and is so readily suggested by some.
Some of my shin bone whacks are covered in story form posts ( listed below) that point out some salient factors of life. Keep in mind that the more one struggles with certain energies, the more power those energies gain. There may be, can be, and perhaps are, many more factors involved in achieving your intended goal then meets the casual eye.
Until the Spirit, Soul and Body are are properly addressed, the addictions and habits resolution situation is a bleak one.
Be Well

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Be the change you wish to see in the world” –Gandhi

It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply be kind to others.

My further thoughts are:
Have noticed and with interest observed ones “craving” become an eating binge. Lack of specific nutrients within ones body, will trigger hunger pangs. Over the course of my “Nows”, have noticed those hunger pangs are temporarily diminished by indulging in some edible product. A specific nutrient lack may or may not have been sufficient enough to quell the crave of hunger. So back to the edibles and perhaps an overindulgence binge takes place. As my curiosity grew, ‘in why am I still hungry when I just ate’, I did many little crazy quirky experiments. The words addiction, habits, and cravings took on new meaning to me. Points of observation were: some eat based on time periods (habits). Some had to have certain edibles on a daily basis (addiction). Some indulged heavily on specific edibles and or sweets (cravings). Then entered the observation, that those individuals ranged in weight, ( for a given height) seemingly average, stout, plump and greatly overweight. Will leave out many thoughts and experiences or this will become book like in length. Diet, metabolism, fats, amino acids, proteins, and eicosanoids were all part of my questioning the “why” of it all. In keeping with shortening this post, will relate the humerus side of one of those mentioned experiments.
There I am, standing in front of the reefer ( refrigerator), one hand holding the reefer door open, the other hand moving items about to see what they were. I’m asked by a family member “what are you looking for?”. My reply is “I really don’t know, but will know when I see it”. Here the funny part really kicked in, when I would squirt some ketchup or mustard on my finger and taste it. Spoon a bit of pickle, or left over gravy, or even a spoonful of milk, a shot of Tabasco sauce. This would go on until, wow, the what ever it was that I had just tasted, put out the “crave” feeling. Would at that point, read the ingredient list, to help determine what the “crave quencher” was. This led to more investigation and in great depth, to vitamins, minerals, amino acids and so on. Now, this didn’t answer all the questions, but did set the tempo for further personal research purposes and corrective actions.

( another interesting site by the way)

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  • Hi Talker,

    I truly enjoy reading your wonderful blogs. You have a way of sharing your many insightful experiences with a touch of humor without losing the intended point.

    I appreciate you, Be Well,


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