# 23 Talkers Update On Ron Paul

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# 23 Talkers Update On Ron Paul

# 21 Talker Thoughts on Ron Paul and Aaron Russo

Interesting to read and see the rapidly changing views our
current batch of presidential ‘want a be’s’ are doing.
It’s not about what is best for the country.
It is ALL about getting elected, at any cost.
Problems within our country are not new. Jobs, health issues, health insurance, health supplements, old age and young age problems, and taxes are and long have been major concerns. Yet the bulk of the mentioned conditions are talked on, and basically stops at that point. Our political power bases are mainly interested in staying in power and some are even hinting that most voters are to dumb to remember ‘just who got them into this mess’ at election time.
There have been candidates in the past speaking the truth. Many of the situations they said ‘would take place’ if certain candidates were elected, HAVE taken place at the voters expense and lives lost in wars.
Some what like our American Indian nation once spoke of ‘white man lies, speaks with forked tongue’, is STILL in progress. Look at what has happened to the American Indian nation. Many politicians adhere to the principle of ‘man lies, speaks with forked tongue’.
What has happened to integrity! Where has common sense disappeared to! Where has the manufacturing industry disappeared to! Where has fair wages for a days work performed disappeared to! Where has ones savings disappeared to! Where has the ability for the average person to purchase a home disappeared to! Yes, questions are raised, but only studies and talks takes place, with no real efforts to correct the situation. Tell the public what sounds ‘good’, so elect me and I’ll get it moving and corrected.
Those in power mostly just want to stay in power. Would a person like Ron Paul be a total and perfect answer to the situation?
Perhaps not, but would be a start in the right direction.
At least it would be a wake up call to all politicians.
Some interesting points of view are at:

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  • Talker

    Humans in general can have the tendency to talk a lot with very little corresponding action. Words sound nice but are meaningless with out action and pure intent.

    I define integrity as consisting of 4 lines of vibration that are sent out when someone speaks.
    1. What they say
    2. What they think
    3. What they do
    4. What they believe.

    When all four lines are in harmony then there is integrity and clear open communication.

    We are getting there litlle by little, one heart at a time. With all the “secrets” coming out into the open and people getting caught in the lies and manipulations.

    The new human is here!

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