# 24 Talker on Oil, Greed, War and Wake Up World

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The Ancient One Speaks
# 24 Talker on Oil, Greed, War and Wake Up World.

This is not intended as ‘Doom and Gloom”, but as a ‘Wake Up World’.

Here are some names that you need to remember as you grieve for those precious lives being lost in what I’ll call ‘the 9/11 conflict” and Iraq war.

From what I’ve read, overall contributors to the greed conditions are, Brown & Root, Bush, Halliburton, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Thomas “Tommy the Cork” Corcoran, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney. There are more that could be listed. There are some other countries besides the USA involved. Is it a conspiracy, I sure don’t know.
What I do know from what I read, is that ‘some thing stinks’ in how America and world affairs are happening. A presidential race that was so keen on color and gender. Controlled press conferences, where only certain kinds of ‘questions’ are allowed. Debates that were on ‘looks’ of the candidates. Secret agenda’s to spy on the public Ok’d by the President. Little things that the general public is not made aware of. Maimed and wounded vets coming home and being looked upon as ‘a drain’ on government assistance funds.
The rotten smell list goes on and on.
Supposedly we elect and in effect ‘hire’ the politicians to ‘work’ for us. It’s not working that way though, is it. Pork barrel, scratch my back and I scratch yours, pass me money and we’ll cut you in, where does it all stop.
It’s time to let all politicians know ‘why’ they are being ‘hired’.

( Don’t read on a full stomach, this will make you puke)
There’s no more pungent symbol of the corrupt nature of the Bush administration’s invasion and occupation of Iraq than Halliburton, the Houston, Texas-based oil services conglomerate, which has made billions from the war even in the face of charges of massive overbilling, shoddy work, official bribery and political influence-peddling.

The remarkable thing is that Halliburton’s looting of Iraq and the US treasury happened in broad daylight, right under the nose of the press, the Democrats and Michael Moore, who made Dick Cheney’s former company the bete noir of his film “9/11.” Nothing deterred the company from capitalizing on the war it helped orchestrate.

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