# 37 Talker On The Chakra’s

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# 37 Talker On The Chakra’s

Yikes! Why another Chakra listing when Google already is showing
4,850,000 hits ! Yahoo showed 10,900,000 Chakra hits. Netscape
showed 4,530,000 Chakra hits and MSN came in at 2,060,000 Chakra hits. Well you better believe I didn’t check each and every one of them. Would take to big a bite of my free time to do so. So whats the point here! Well for starters, that’s a big bunch of either some one selling something or asking a question about Chakra’s. Of those that I did look at, and they presented many variances and descriptions that ranged from average to extremely complex methodologies. I can recall my early entry into field of Chakras and routines to follow. Back when I started looking for information on Chakras, there was scant, readily available information. What one did find, was a mostly hinted at amazing process, join a secret society, hook up with a guru for years, or complex reading material at a very high price. Now look at what is readily available, but still some what confusing, as to how used and for what purpose. So with 22,340,000 hits on Chakras doing the net searches, it is kind of surprising that many have absolutely no awareness of, much less how used, or how it can possibly be used, of Chakra routines. Did stray some what, in describing a specific method, (from a normally don’t and won’t give any specifics about methods) on a forum recently. Posted was a plea for help from a person with a serious triangle problem, and for any type of suggestions to help correct it. Before I realized it, I was doing a post answer.
Here is what I had written:
“For starters, find these two books referenced in my posts. The Art of True Healing, by Regardie ( for the routine to use now) and The Secret of The Ages, by Collier ( for setting in long term benefits). Doing a Chakra routine ( as in The Art of True Healing) is a first step. At which point you need to do a good visualization of the Chakra’s, (this is a MUST) and mentally SEE or even ‘imagine’ little wisps of threads / cords attached to the form you are mentally ‘seeing’. Now gently ( in your mind) REMOVE these cords. Tell these removed cords, gently, to return to their owners. Do NOT mention any specific name. Just a ‘ return to your owner’ statement. Do this routine as often as you feel a need to do. When a ‘sense’ of ‘no more cords present’, follow-up with a Chakra, Middle Pillar’ routine. This site you posted on has some Chakra material on it also, if my recollection serves me right. Sounds complicated, but really is not. Sounds crazy, but again is not. Will take a few attempts to settle into a ‘got it right’ attitude, so don’t give up. This IS a very effective process.
Could add more, but best to learn it by doing it.

The basic routine is called ‘The Middle Pillar’, and is well described in that little book ‘The Art of True Healing’. There are many ways to modify this complex, yet simple, routine (once learnt) for general, or specific uses, beyond that described in this booklet, but that is another post, perhaps yet to come. Once you’ve become comfortable with the basic routine, check the many offerings from the internet, on the many variables and how used.
For the curious that would like to know, I have used this routine for many decades. Do I perform it on a regular scheduled basis, No. Should I be, perhaps Yes.…if-im-psychic/…t-all-started/

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