# 16 Talker on Ron Paul – vs. -Obama or McCain

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# 16 Talker on Ron Paul – vs. -Obama or McCain

Watching the Dem convention opening was great. Sounded good. Mrs. Obama did great with the speech, she may even believe what she was saying. For the good of America, I hope so. But let me clue you in to why it is not going to happen, as your being told. It’s blatant lies and deceit, with an agenda of ‘worse’ is still to come after the election. Pay attention to what is being said by all the candidates. Of them all, only Ron Paul speaks the truth here, the others, I can only say ‘God help America’, if McCain or Obama are elected.
If you desire real beneficial changes, even if some real hard times do show up, elect Ron Paul.
If you don’t care about your or your children’s future, or the wars going on, than follow the sheep to the disaster, that’s in the making.

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