# 35 Whats Hidden In your Computer

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Note of interest:For reasons of security and privacy, these are some rarely found tips. In Google search , and, I also found , in Internet Explorer,one can selectively or totally remove the listing you want removed.When an auto-complete window pops open, high-light any item you want to remove. Then press and hold down the “windows key” on the keyboard and than press “delete”. This worked well for me.Also in Internet Explorer, go to “tools\internet options\content\personal information. Click the “auto complete” icon, and see the things to clear.As a matter of interest, do a search on your machine, before you do the above. Search for SS#, passwords, accounts #’s, if you bank on-line, or any other item you THINK is private.I was surprised at the things I found.If I could find these things , so could a hacker, if they managed to gain access.

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