# 38 Dark Night of the Soul

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# 38 Dark Night of the Soul
Dark Night of the Soul

So all the problems you don’t want are hitting you from all angles.
You hurt! Your frustrated!
Your beliefs are ruffled!
Your at the end of the road, and see only a blank wall!
What next?
Thought you were on the ‘Right Path’.
Thought you was doing all the right things!
You think you know who and what you are, to the best of your awareness.
Studied, meditated, learnt to love, learnt compassion.
Still at loggerheads with confusion, why!
Seems that chaos and confusion are close relatives.
I’m at the bottom of the barrel and see only darkness.
Hold on now.
This is a time of change.
Relax, recall who and what you are.
Ah yes, I am perfection behind the doubt, chaos and confusion manifesting.
I am not doubt, chaos and confusion.
I am Perfection.
I am God experiencing with this personal awareness.
Change is in progress.
Light is becoming coherent.
Cohesion with the Source is now recognized.
I embrace it lovingly.
The Dark Night of the Soul has passed.

So now, ‘The Dark Night of the Soul has passed’. Why did it happen at all, is the question raised now.

EGO, it appears, is, or may be , the culprit hiding behind the facade of ones spirituality. While doing probing research into the ego concept, I find many interesting statements that opens new doors of thought. So, what is a dictionary description of ego?
1 The conscious self,
2 Excessive love of self: conceit.
[n] (psychoanalysis) the conscious mind
[n] your consciousness of your own identity
[n] an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others
egotism, self, self-importance

Webster’s 1913 Dictionary
Definition: \E”go\, n. [L., I.] (Met.)
The conscious and permanent subject of all psychical
experiences, whether held to be directly known or the
product of reflective thought; — opposed to non-ego.
Meaning of NON-EGO
Webster’s 1913 Dictionary

Definition: \Non-e”go\, n. [L., not I.] (Metaph.)
The union of being and relation as distinguished from, and
contrasted with, the ego. See {Ego}.

Says a lot, yet clarifies nothing, from my diminutive perspective of ones ego. So now, what might be a causative involvement between problems, ego and enlightenment! Andrew Cohen in an article stated, ‘Because our ability to recognize the true face of the ego, to see it for what it actually is, depends entirely upon how far we want to go on the spiritual path’.
Starting to sound like my blog post:

That post is my take about ‘Truth’ and it’s meaning as a variable. Seemingly truth as one see’s it, depends on ‘where’ you are standing, in relation to an event. Now it appears that the words ‘Enlightenment’ and ‘Ego’ fall into that similar type of category, of ‘where are you on the ‘path’ of life. Ones ‘truth’ of life’s manifestations depends greatly on where on the ‘path’ of progress one is. It’s either great or it is full of blocks from your point of view. It’s smooth sailing or rough stormy weather being experienced. Doubt, chaos and confusion manifest aboundingly. Well, from what this new found awareness is pointing out, that which is called “ego’ decides which category one is experiencing. So the term ‘ego’ has taken on a whole new meaning to me, just as the term ‘enlightenment’ has.
Ego can prove to be a terrifying demon when coping with ones ego. Enlightenment as I’m finding out, can also be a variable. I had previously believed, that you either ‘were’ or you ‘were not’ enlightened. Appears now, that some modifying word needs to be used with the term ‘enlightenment’, or I’m missing out completely what enlightenment is all about. Is it a full or partial enlightenment! Modifying terms are Mystical Enlightenment, Shamanic Enlightenment, Sexual Enlightenment, Energetic Enlightenment, Devotional Enlightenment, Psychological Enlightenment, Intellectual Enlightenment, Physical Enlightenment, Infinite Oneness Enlightenment, Beauty of the Moment Enlightenment, Ahaa Enlightenment, and the listing is still not complete. So, one is on the path of life leading to enlightenment of some sort! Which path is the first question or are they all one and the same thing! The second question becomes, is there a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ involved before any category of enlightenment takes place, or does it ‘hit’ only after all the listed categories have met ‘blank walls’! As I’m now reading and finding out, (Andrew Cohen quote) ‘that for most seekers, enlightenment experiences were not the end of the path but only the beginning. To walk the spiritual path in earnest is to find out what we’re made of and how much we are truly willing to give up in order to come to the end of division within ourselves. The price for that kind of profound and deeply liberating simplicity is too high for most, because that price is ego death.
So much for the thinking that I understood the terms ‘ego and enlightenment’.
No matter how, once ‘The Dark Night of the Soul ‘ has passed is a blessing.

4 comments to # 38 Dark Night of the Soul

  • Hello Talker,

    You just share it so well. “Truth” as defined here and I agree, Ones knowing of oneself. Not thinking or Being for another. I’ve noticed when I ‘attempt’ to do so, the experience becomes defined as a ‘struggle. Hmm… I suppose that’s what happens when I am attempting to impersonate another! ‘-)

    Definitely a deep and profound post.

    As Always, Be Well and thank you for sharing my Beloved Friend,


  • KJ

    Rattling the chambers of my heart and soul. Thank you again to the one man left who operates from the TruthZone. You are always a step ahead of me in my times of crisis; like the old-fashioned family doctor; and know that I treasure you and your relationship with me, the family and our precious Sarah.

  • Thank you KJ, for the kind words.
    Funny lesson I learnt as a kid, NEVER run down a steep hill in a straight line.
    (Ya gotta zig zag to be in any kind of control.)
    ‘Works’ gently applied.
    Love you and welcome to my world.

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