# 39 Dark Night Revisited

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# 39 Dark Night Revisited

Ah yes, I can easily relate to Job as written in the Bible. Often wondered what kind of thoughts flowed in Jobs mind, as the many trials and tribulations showed up on his doorstep.

Some what like Job, I too, wonder what is behind all the experiences that have landed on my door step. While my physical years are many, nothing of any major concern, health wise, has ever found any serious home in me. I’ve had my episodes of this and that hitting the health factors, with some remnants still lingering. Annoying but tolerable. Some day will have to give serious thought to correcting them.

Used to, way back in my formative belief days, actually believe God was behind many of a persons ills. Of course my mother and my religious upbringing was fairly entrenched within. Not putting blame on mom or the church though, as they functioned from their levels of beliefs. Used to at one point, start to believe that God was giving me a light dose of what Job had experienced. Anyway that’s another story.

I was led some how into getting a copy of ‘Secret of The Ages’, a book that started me on the long road of rattling my existing belief factors. Wasn’t easy, believe me, stirring the pot of beliefs, with what was, at that time, considered sacrilegious to even read books like this one. But read it I did, and the battle was on. Some of those battles are covered in my blog posts. Jumping to the present time, and the why of this post. Understand now, that, which I believe to be true now, still rattles my belief chain. Not that I doubt the new beliefs, yet some of the situations are very difficult to fully comprehend as regards ‘the why of it’. This now brings up a stated (by me) comment, ‘if God didn’t plan it, who did?’ Everything I’ve researched points to the hard to ‘fully comprehend’ part. WE, I, You, are the ones highly instrumental in ‘what we experience in this physical existence’. Whoa, craziest thoughts I ever heard of. If you believe God is doing it, so be it, but if God is NOT doing it, whats left is, US. As spiritual souls, with an insatiable, so to speak, appetite to experience the fullness of a physical existence, WE PLAN IT ALL TO HAPPEN, with a few curve balls tossed in from other souls, to round it all out, and make it more exciting. Sheesh!
So while I believe this to be true, I’m still feeling the chain of beliefs being rattled.

So, you ask, ‘where does God enter the picture’! Simply put, without God, we don’t exist. Yes, God has a plan for us, just maybe not what you were taught it was.
More thoughts are covered in other posts as listed here.
Now I need to head out to the back forty, and ponder some more on the whole situation, and dodge the people wanting to put me in a white strait jacket.

1 comment to # 39 Dark Night Revisited

  • Sunshine

    I read your blog, after I review mine and I laugh, you have pegged where I was headed, so I rein myself in, take a deep breath & ponder deeply if I can get back to what you were conveying here. I hope so.
    Thank You as always for the enlightened adventurous approach for living better.

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