# 43 Talker On True Healing Modalities

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# 43 Talker On True Healing Modalities

Ah yes healing modalities in all its glory. Was a tough battle overcoming numerous belief factors that kept rattling and yanking on my belief chain. With various degrees of intensity applied and experienced in the studies of healing, I still have no honest answer to ‘what really works’. Appears that a strange and some what fascinating admixture of beliefs, emotions, and ones soul plan are the prime keys to achieving a healing, be you healer or the patient. These three keys apply, regardless of the healing modality, applied or used. Further stated here, is that no healer is doing the actual healing. The true healing source is known by many names, and I won’t enter into that naming process.

Regardless of the modality or healing process used, the patient, and only the patient, in some way, shape or form is using the three mentioned keys, to be healed or not healed, or even leading to their passing away.

Many are the conversations and from some, the argument regards the refusal of a healing, or choosing death over life. Religions will say ‘Gods punishment’, others will say ‘karma’, none of which are true, and won’t be covered here at this time.

Only two energies are ever involved with or in a healing decision.
The source of all life and the soul involved at the moment.

On the one hand there is indeed a ‘Gods’ plan and on the other hand there is the ’Souls’ plan.

Laughable and serious at the same time, is when the healer’s ego is faced with what appears to be a failed healing action, which is yet another story to be told. Even Jesus, as mentioned in the bible, had a problem with one healing being performed by him. Would be delighted to narrow my efforts closer to that number. Oh well, back to the drawing board of experiencing.

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