# 40 Talker On Belief Did What!

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# 40 Talker On Belief Did What!

Beliefs can be formed in many ways. Some beliefs are established quickly, and easily. Some can take weeks, months, or years to even start taking hold deep within ones inner workings.
Beliefs can be a good working buddy or your buddy in making a mess of life experiences.
Most come about and are formed from various experiences.
Now I’m not going to say that I know how this exercise/experiment actually works, but I do know that it works. Will power, illusion, gravity, imagination or any other thing you might want to call it, it is a fascinating process to experience.
It is called ‘Making your Finger Grow’.
Just don’t freak out with what you experience, all becomes normal again. So do it now, takes only a few minutes.

Do this:
Locate both major wrist lines.
Draw a tiny pen mark there, for reference.
Now place the two marks together,
and now observe the two middle fingers. (left and right)
If both are even, use either one.
If one middle finger is shorter use that one,
and lower the long one to your lap, or the one decided upon.
The one still up in the air, (with eyes closed here)
See it mentally, and mentally GROW it longer by
just “telling it” to grow longer, do for 15/20 seconds.
Now place both wrist lines together again.
Observe the two middle fingers again.
Surprise !
I found this interesting, and no I’m not telling the ‘what’ of it,
only that it can and does work with most all that try it.
If nothing happened for you, just start to “believe’ and keep at it.
Do come back and let me know how you experienced this.

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