# 20 More Hyperbole, Hypocrisy and Nonsense Revisted

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# 20 More Hyperbole, Hypocrisy and Nonsense Revisted

Ah yes, ‘The American Dream’. Just a place to call our own. Couple bucks saved for retirement. Food on the table. Reasonable education for the kids.

Keep on dreaming folks, but it’s rapidly turning into a nightmare. Certain factions are diligently at work to change that dream into the nightmare it has already become. America the Beautiful is what those factions saw, and went after. Well they have a good piece of it now, and are looking at the whole world as their next conquest.
Stop believing the lies coming out of the mouths of those seeking your vote. Greed, political payback, porkbarrel politics are now the accepted norm.
‘Atlas Shrugged’ story by Ayn Rand, unfolds into our lives as a reality.
Yes, it is time for change.

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