# 44 Talker on Children’s Ear Tubes

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# 44 Talker on Children’s Ear Tubes

Ah yes, expert medical advice and the never ending pro and con of it. There is seemingly always a downside and an upside battle from experts that cause one much confusion. There is no simple, easy solution. The ‘whatever process involved’, works for some, and cause heartbreak for others. Old fashion remedies are looked upon as some kind of scourge by the experts. Mention herbs to a doctor and you could be refused treatments and receive a severe warning about the dangers involved. I’ve been through the good, the bad and the warnings in numerous instants. Amoxillcillin and ear tubes entered the picture. Than the awareness that Amoxillcillin created a regular cycle of ear infections after each cycle of treatment. Ear tubes were eventually considered, but finances prevented that approach. Another antibiotic was used and the ear problem faded away. Anyway here are some pro and con sites listed below.

Ear tubes on trial

Q: My daughter has had recurring ear infections since she was an infant, and our pediatrician suggested we have tubes put into her ears to combat it. I would like to know what your opinion is on this procedure and if there are any alternatives.

Dr. Wright: There have been numerous studies conducted over the years showing that inserting ear tubes into children’s ears does not prevent infections from recurring or reduce the amount of lingering fluid left behind from these infections, which many health professionals believe can impair speech and language development.

For some reason, despite the continuous findings that ear tubes make no difference in the health of children who have them inserted, research on the procedure continues. (What these researchers should be trying to find out is why, despite these facts, approximately 700,000 children each year have ear tubes inserted, at an estimated cost of $2,000 apiece — which adds up to a whopping $14 billion a year).

The fact is, ear tubes make “no difference,” because recurrent infections and lingering fluid are not due to infants being born without tubes in their eardrums. I’ve seen almost 100 percent of recurrent ear infections cease, and the worst cases of lingering fluid dry up, simply with a change in diet and an individualized supplementation plan.

The details of such programs are discussed in the November 1994 issue of Nutrition & Healing. But here’s a quick recap: Both recurrent infections and lingering fluid are caused by a combination of food allergies, refined sugars, and refined carbohydrates. And supplementation with zinc and with vitamins A and C is usually very helpful.

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