#42 Talker On Lifes Challenges

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#42 Talker On Lifes Challenges

E X P L O R E – T H E S E – L I F E – C H A L L E N G E S . . .

Introducing: “The Whole Person Handbook”
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going!
INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE : Nevers, France, October 2008
With recession looming we need to make the most of our life skills and develop our inner strength to face the uncertainties ahead. To assist with this, life skills experts – web wizards Peter Shepherd and Wallace Huey – have just completed a unique, free online training, that helps you solve problems creatively at work, overcome fear and anxiety, deal with stress and overwhelm, overcome anger and frustration, and have successful relationships. Gain the key insights that will help you beat recession, all in one complete package – The Whole Person Handbook.

“This is the ultimate eBook,” says Peter. “It represents the pinnacle achievement of 10 years research and development into what it takes to make a person successful, happy and fulfilled, no matter what challenges he or she faces. It is by each of us facing our challenges and working through them that we will beat this recession. We’ll also be well prepared to be of service to the community and to go on to achieve our highest goals.”

Wallace adds, “Imagine having your own personal life coach, who you can turn to, free of charge, whenever you wish, to get coaching in building up inner strength and boosting life skills, so that you are empowered to face these uncertain times. Now imagine this coach providing you with free online training, in precisely those life skills you need, to face your greatest challenges. That’s a good analogy for what The Whole Person Handbook can offer.”

Peter (psychotherapist) and Wallace (life coach) want to harness the limitless power of the internet to train as many people as possible in the skills they need to face in these uncertain times. To achieve this aim they are offering The Whole Person Handbook to the public free of charge.

“Our Handbook is backed up by one of the world’s biggest personal development websites,, and now we want to use the handbook, in conjunction with the website, to support millions of people through this recession,” exclaimed Peter.

The Whole Person Handbook contains 51 separate training programs, each one designed to enable participants to master a specific life challenge. The Handbook begins by helping the user identify those areas of their life that represent their greatest challenge.

“The Whole Person Handbook will effortlessly guide you to the training tools you need most,” says Wallace, “and support you in becoming a master in the area of your life you find most challenging.”

Once users have mastered their greatest life challenge, they can, if they choose, progress to their next greatest challenge and so on, until they have become strong and powerful in all areas of life.

For example, if your greatest life challenge is to overcome problems creatively, the Handbook will, through a process of questioning, introduce you to the perfect article, video, audio, and life coaching, on that will give you the precise training you need to solve your problems, all free of charge. Once you have mastered this challenge the handbook will guide you to equally valuable training for the next most important challenge. This could be any one of 50 other life challenges, including Dealing with Stress and Overwhelm, Overcoming Anger and Frustration, Having a Successful Romantic Relationship, Knowing the Best Way to Determine Your Core Values and lots more.

If after doing the free online training, you still haven’t mastered your specific life challenge, the Handbook will refer you to the Internet’s very best professional tools and services that will support you with your life challenge.

“At the present time, we need all the personal empowerment we can get. We have a vision of millions of people downloading our Handbook and, through the training it offers, mastering their greatest life challenges. Together we can beat this recession,” exclaimed Peter.
Available online for just a day, The Whole Person Handbook has already stimulated some encouraging feedback.

Here are the readers’ comments:

Shay Moran: “The Whole Person Handbook is a brilliantly conceived labyrinth of questions and answers to all of life’s challenges. It’s a wonderful place to begin the profound spiritual journey of healing and personal development. The eBook is full of practical as well as inspiring coaching, articles, videos and music of the highest quality. There is an answer for every question I can think of! I love the interactive nature of this eBook. I felt like I was dealing with real issues in a very real way. Thank you, Wallace and Peter, for the great service you are providing through the Trans4mind website and The Whole Person Handbook. It is an invaluable resource for anyone travelling on the inner journey of love and healing.”
Mike Costigan, Spiritual Healer: “Why reinvent the wheel? Why not benefit from the work and experience of others who have dedicated their lives to the effort of empowering others. The layout and clarity of this eBook allows easy access to selected aspects of many different topics, providing the information to assist oneself in identifying and implementing the changes necessary to achieve the goal. Thanks to Peter and Wallace for all the great work you have done.”

Jessica Coffey, Writer & Editor: “The Whole Person Handbook is a wonderful tool! I recommend it for anyone interested in personal development and self-growth. The format is easy to use and I like how results-oriented it is. By responding to the questions at the beginning of the book, I was able to quickly get an idea of the most important areas for me to focus on right now. Then I was able to follow the link to receive pertinent articles, videos, and further resources to help me on my path of discovery or resolution. There is even a journaling-like component that I found helpful — it made the process relevant in the sense that I was taking information in but also writing important discoveries down. I also like that I can determine the areas to focus on myself, depending not only on where I scored low but also on what is important to me at this age and stage, and that you provide opportunities for even more in-depth assistance if necessary. This is sure to make a positive difference in my life and I look forward to discovering more about myself. I have already emailed friends and family to encourage them to take advantage of this jewel! Thank you for making it available!”


Master the Challenges of Life With The Whole Person Handbook
By Peter Shepherd & Wallace Huey
This is the ultimate FREE E-BOOK that will empower you to:
Find out which life challenges most need your attention
Guide you to the best free Tools for Transformation
Give you amazing insights into your life
Let you see if you need professional support to master a particular life challenge
Guide you to the best professional support where needed

The Handbook is an Adobe PDF file. To obtain the full functionality of the Handbook, including the saving of form data, you need to download the PDF file to your hard disk and open the file with a recent version of the free Adobe Reader program…

Please right-click on the download button and from the menu that drops down, choose to save the file to an appropriate place on your hard disk. The menu item to look for is: “Save Target As” (Internet Explorer), “Save Link As” (Firefox), “Download Linked File As…” (Safari).

The Handbook is Copyright © 2008 by Trans4mind. All rights reserved.
Trans4mind offers you the right to freely distribute the PDF unchanged, but not to redistribute sections of the ebook nor to change the contents.

Please distribute the Handbook to colleagues, friends and family, and if you have a website or blog, please feel free to offer your readers the Whole Person Handbook by including the above link on your site or in your newsletter, and the above Press Release as well if you like, and your own opinions.

Please send us your experiences with the Handbook so we can make it even better. And if you have found the Handbook a big help, we would really appreciate it if we can include your testimonial in future promotion of the Handbook on this site. Send your feedback and testimonials here.

Please enquire to Peter Shepherd by Email or Telephone: +33 386 612992 (note France location).


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