# 45 Talker on Omnivore Diet vs. Vegan Diet

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# 45 Talker on Omnivore Diet vs. Vegan Diet

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. W. Price
The China Study by Dr. C. Campbell

These two research studies / books are in my focus for validity.
Wading through hundreds of pages of research material is really not my cup of tea. So while I do obtain the material in most instances, and read it all, I’m not qualified to intelligently determine all the pro and con aspects involved as stated by the authors involved.

(I had written in my blog post)

[quote]Doctors , scientists , and theologians argue with each other on who is right and who is wrong and why. Me, why I just sit back and focus on what they argue about. Saves me a lot of time in research hours.[/quote]
With the learned pro and con’s of expert arguments in hand, I can now do specific research. End result in some situations is in using [trial and error] methods. Other times it’s based on past experiences. When at logger heads with mixed conclusions, need to toss in that old standby “common sense” and see how it unfolds. Often though, I find that there is no “one size fits all” in any of those situations, nor in the following.

God vs Atheism?
Omnivore vs Vegan diet?
Eat meat vs don’t eat meat?
Drink milk vs don’t drink milk?
Raw milk vs pasteurized, homogenized milk?
Meat vs plant diet?
Sugar vs High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)?
Sugar vs Aspartame controversy?
Alternative versus orthodox medicine?
Political party A vs Political party B?
USA vs Federal Reserve system?
Gold vs Monopoly play money?
Something vs Something else?
ad nauseam?

So I let the experts duke it out. Some where between the two extremes being presented there is truth. Question is “whose truth?”.

1 comment to # 45 Talker on Omnivore Diet vs. Vegan Diet

  • Hi Talker,

    Thank you for the excellent references. Have read through these sites for a couple of years.

    You know I like standing on my head in language as in there is no ‘One size fits All’ I say it backwards. All is allowed.

    Just sharing in Love,


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