# 43 Talker on The Aura and Energy.

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# 43 Talker on The Aura and Energy.
Well do I recall my initial efforts to see the Aura. Feeling energy was an easier task, seems to have arrived naturally. Quite the feeling to sense the warmth or coldness when doing a healing session on an individual.
Huge success with the aura, no, great success, nope, but did eventually start to get that ‘holy crap’ there it is. Yea, finally patience and efforts were paying off. Golly, so much to reawaken and only a blip in eternity to do it. I show only a sample here of what the whole story is, give a visit from the link shown. Do also check out the free $59.00 audio program on energy. Come back and let me know your thoughts about this material. Would very much appreciate it.

The Fingerprint of God
The aura has more secrets than we are first led to believe. Through close observation some of these secrets will surface. The first question is, “What is the aura and how do you see an aura?”

Truth of the Aura
It is likely that you have seen an aura many times before but you didn’t know what it was – so you overlooked it. It is time to remove the veils that hide the aura from your awareness.

Everything has an aura.
Couches, walls, plants, TVs, cars, pets and so on. Everything has an aura because everything absorbs energy. Like a glow ball or the numbers of a watch glow in the dark after being placed in the light, so can objects absorb different forms of energy: heat, cold, sound and so on.

The Power of Energy
“The Force is what gives the Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all
living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.”
– Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Ties That Bind
(Normally $59 now streaming free)
In the end, it’s all about energy. Our whole reality is built on different frequencies and vibrations of it! Imagine if you had the power to program your reality. The Ties That Bind tells you how in clear, simple steps.

4 comments to # 43 Talker on The Aura and Energy.

  • Laura

    Hey old friend have I told you lately that I love you? ;) – Laura

  • Not for 81 hours. Do repeat those healing words again, and often. Time to recognize and release that latent healer still hidden within. You know of what I speak. I love you.

  • Laura

    The aura(s) how come sometimes I see them sometimes I don’t and only with few people?

    love you – Laura

    Hello Laura,
    Ah, an often asked question. While I don’t pretend to having all the answers, there were some little hints, as I ventured into seeing auras. Again though, will say, some see auras easily, others, like myself for instance, requires patience and practice. Ones aura can be strong, large, and extending beyond outstretched arms. Stress and any off sort of distress will diminish and dim the aura. Some like Donna Eden (Energy Medicine), say they see ones aura all the time and in full color. In healing work, seeing auras in full color would be ‘frosting on the cake’. As with you, as you mention, I don’t see every ones aura. Can only say that more training hours are needed to reach that level of aura seeing. Not much help here I know, but is the best I can offer for now.
    Take care, and be loved.

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