# 132 Talker Thoughts on Real Living.

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# 132 Talker Thoughts on Real Living.

Well now, one is exposed to many daily tidbits of the scary things that supposedly affect our health. Don’t eat, drink or even breathe or some pollutant or crappy some thing, will get the best of you, health wise. I’ve been hit with many little battles of various kinds that at times, makes you think, it would be much easier, just to roll over and pass out of this world called life. At times one can be so ill, that they wish they could die! At other times they are so happy could just die! Some where between those two extremes is the truth of real living in this world. So lets live until we die. I see many still walking around, that have actually died a long time ago. You can see the strained, painful look in their eyes. You observe the way they walk, like all the crap in the world is resting on their shoulders. Some times I almost feel guilty to be in their presence, for fear, that my joy of life, will rub off onto them and spoil their need for the load they are carrying. Bullshit you say! Come on now, some people just have never learned to be happy. So you had a crappy childhood, so what! Get over it! So you had a hard time in school! Get over it! You had no opportunity at education! Get over it! Take night school, get a GED, take some college courses. Feeling sorry for yourself, learn EFT, and yup, you got it, Get over it! I don’t have all the answers, but have experienced much of what was just stated. Effort on one’s part pays off big in heading toward a bearable, tolerable life. Eventually the past crap and emotions that were keeping you in “shit’ gear pass away. So where am I headed here! What you eat, drink and think, does affect one. Those things are under you’re control. With that in mind I’ve listed links to certain posts, that might point you into right thinking, eating and heaven forbid, enjoying life. Maybe you need some answers about God, Source, religion, spirituality and how you fit into it all. A link below ‘Our Ultimate Reality’ just might have some answers for you. Anyway be happy, life is Beautiful if you expect it to be so.

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