# 21 Talker on Franken-Corn

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Nothing But The Truth
# 21 Talker on Franken-Corn
Just read in the paper where Mexico has put aside a long standing resistance to genetically modified corn. France called it quits with planting genetically modified corn. All the tampering with nature by introducing genetically modified plants, is upsetting the natural environmental balance. Animals, birds, bee’s and fish / food from the oceans are being altered and harmed. Just as important, and more so, are the babies, young children, and even adults that will experience altered undesired health conditions. As fantastic as the human body is in maintaining and correcting health problems experienced, the assault of chemicals and genetically modified food, will, and is taking its toll. Franken-Humans in the making, new illnesses, but not to worry, a new drug will show up for you to buy, to correct, for what should never have happened.

Won’t belabor the point here, check out the links below, and see what its all about.

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