#16 I’m a Spoke In Whose Wheel !

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#16 I’m a Spoke In Whose Wheel !
Had just settled in to listen to a seven year old singer (Sarah Brightman) on YouTube, sing the Ave Maria again, when Babbler knocked, and asked for attention. Seems like all my recent activities with the blog, forum, Christmas, and New Year events has released a flow of energies that Babbler wanted to sort out. Babbler started with a list of questions like:
love energies,
wheel spokes,
forum members sharing one soul,
talker as other voices in the forum
the Now,
parallel universes,
multiple existences.
I just listened in amazement at the flow of questions. At first nothing made any sense. So I settled in again and listened to the rendition of the Ave Maria. Some thing from this song and music, truly, activates a special feeling tone. So Be It.
Babbler was referring to a special forum I participate in.
Babbler was now tossing in all sorts of ‘what ifs’ and ‘how abouts’ as possibilities and probabilities. Now, won’t mention names, but seems that some posts are almost like (you were the writer) thought wise. Was starting to see what my Babbler was pointing toward. As thoughts and words were popping up and jelling into coherent scenarios, could see that (normal insanity) was in full swing. To set the stage thought wise, I need to mention certain thought flows from past years. I’ve wrestled with religious beliefs that conflicted with early childhood. Numerous bible verses, were at issue. Scary thoughts about getting God ‘pissed off’ at me were at the top of the list. Bolts of lightening and sounds of the bugle, saying here comes the heavenly armada to straighten me out, were readily getting attention in my awareness. As my journey into belief rattlers continued, many new avenues of ‘other thoughts’ were looked into.
Parallel universes, multiple existences, reincarnation, other religions, Quantum physics, and Metaphysics excursions were amazing thought provokers. Dualism, ego, Jesus, Christ, soul, higher-self, life, death, and unconditional love, were all trips into unknown or vague territory of thought.
Babbler was thinking along the lines of, that perhaps ‘multiple lessor’ souls of ones high-self, was actually posting to the forum, giving rise to the ‘feelings of familiarity being experienced’. So in essence, another person (or more) could be writing a post using their name and unique soul, but is actually another extension of you, as a ‘spoke’ in ones ‘wheel’ that makes up the ‘whole you. Wild and beyond normal insanity thinking. Considering that ‘all’ is happening ‘now’, and that Quantum theory is opening new though about our existence, could my wild thought, be a reality! Imagine multiple ‘I’s’ either agreeing or even arguing against you, all originating from ones Higher Self! Numerous ‘Self’s’ manifesting as various ‘yous’ in the on-going ‘NOW’! How many individuals now posting in the forum i’m in, are actually ‘me’ or ‘us’ belonging to somebody Else’s reincarnational wheel!

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