#19 Creation of God

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#19 Creation of God
Well do I recall being told at a very young age, “We don’t ask questions like that !”. Sorry, but I did and do ask questions like that. So what was the question asked at the time. Was a simple “Who made God !”. Won’t pretend to know the answer, nor that any answer is the correct one. But have read and listened to what allows for a better grasp of the God Concept.
Religions and the bible, takes one into the world of God. People pray to, and also curse God. God gets a bad rap when things go wrong in your life. We thank God when things go right in your life. Many never question the God they pray to. But what is God, actually! Yes, it is a profound and complex question. I believe in a Higher Power, that we normally refer to as God. So whats wrong in endeavoring to better know, to whom I’m praying to. Will anyone, ever have an answer to the question! I can’t answer that yet, if ever, but will make the effort.
Yes, there still remains another question, so will just keep at it.
Here is a link to an audio that presents a very different perspective on how God may have come into existence. Not saying that this is the final and ultimate answer to my question, but does give rise to other thoughts. Having studied and worked with electricity, I could readily relate to what was read and listened to. Give a listen here if interested. And so the journey continues.

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