# 22 Talker on the Mantis Tiller

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Nothing But The Truth
# 22 Talker on the Mantis Tiller
Way back to March 3, 2001, is when I finally decided to try out this toy like machine.Had my doubts on it actually being useful. Come on, a twenty pound expensive toy that was said to chew up soil, sparing the back breaking labor of lawn care. When it arrived, and first thoughts were ‘sheesh, this is nuts, it’s a toy’. Well what a surprise, this toy proved to be. Had looked at other machines, to big, to heavy, way to expensive. Well off I went, Lawn here I am.The little toy just sneered, roared and chewed up the earth. To be honest though, it was a tad of rough going on old, heavily compacted soil. Little sucker bounced up and down until finally getting a bite and then proved its worth. Slow going in the old, heavily compacted soil, but beat doing it with a spade shovel. Even better than renting a big unit for a Little 2453 square foot lawn. Didn’t actually need this toy, but it was a joy once I started using it, and update how to use it for lawn work. Wasn’t long before a few neighbors were inquiring would I do their lawn. In a few months, believe it was actually 4 months, my toy had recovered what I had payed for it. Nah, this is not an ad for Mantis, just how I was convinced that this toy was a work horse. What really was the final convincer, was the aerator tines. Used to use a hand method of punching holes in the lawn. Now that was hard back busting work, never actually doing all the lawn. With the aerator tines, it was was two hours and all the lawn was aerated. Than I started slicing (aerating) before reseeding and that was a clincher for me. Now the new seed is actually in the soil, as opposed to just sitting on top of the soil lightly covered, if at all. No more flocks of birds eating up the just sown seed. A grand sight to eventually see those rows of seed popping up to greet the sun. Do I regret my toy purchase, nope, well pleased with it.

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