# 47 Talker and Babbler on Reboot Your Brain

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# 47 Talker and Babbler on Reboot Your Brain

Being some what familiar with computers, an email that mentioned ‘ Reboot Your Brain’ got Babblers attention, and Babbler rapidly stared asking questions. ‘Isn’t rebooting your brain, a nutty thought!’ inquires Babbler ‘rebooting a computer makes sense, but a brain!’.
So I (Talker) gently chide Babbler with ‘You have access to the Akashic Records and ones High-Self, and you are asking about a reboot the brain nutty thought!’ Babbler laughs and come back with ‘Come on Talker, you know it was only a figure of speech, and I wanted your attention, so now talk on it’. Well for starters, ‘I bargained with life for a penny, and that’s all life was willing to pay’, is a point I want you to keep in mind here. Some are getting rich selling info on ‘How to Get Rich’ to those that want or need extra bucks in hand. Most of the information, will be at $30.00 to $97.00 prices, while some will hit $5,000.00 for Abundance / Law of Attraction seminars.
Some will make it work, while many will not succeed in getting any richer.
The word ‘abundance’ can apply to more then just money though. How about abundant debt, or abundant bad luck! What about abundant ill-health!
New theme of thought to your ordinary way of thinking, isn’t it!
What works and what doesn’t, is a tough question to answer. Will only say that even the crappiest program will have a few successful users, and the most expensive seminar, will issue a few ‘no results’ refunds. Now I sure as hell, don’t have all the answer to these situations, but I have worked through some of the reasons for seeming failed results, either for me or a few others.
Here are some ”why it may have failed’ in no particular order:
1- lack of clarity in the affirmation used.
2- lack of emotion doing the process.
3- no time spent reaching relaxed state.
4- doubt exists, but will try it anyway attitude.
5- needs to be unhappy to function at all.
6- unable to love them self.
7- constant focus on the bullshit in their life.
8- believes enjoyment is a sin.
9- unhappy with who they think they are.
10- unhappy with who they think their not.
11- cluttered mind activity.

So how does a reboot of the mind help!
Well when a computer starts acting up, or slowing down, or showing glitches of any sort, one just closes open programs and you got it “REBOOTS”. When rebooting is over, and a fresh Desktop appears, normally all the prior problems experienced, ARE GONE.
Clearing up old beliefs, and sloppy thinking can also help correct health problems, not just money problems.
Chances are very strong that following the simple instructions in this one hour long video, will show you how to “Reboot’ your brain. You might even be using some of these methods talked on, but never put together like they are here. I’ve used a similar method for years. Once you get the video going, there will be about three minutes of what this gent does for a living, then the real data comes with good explanations. It is all free, no ‘come on’ or ‘sales pitches’. Do have a pad and pencil for note taking. While site is still up and free, Enjoy.

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