# 134 The Life and Times of The Man Called Jesus

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# 134 The Life and Times of The Man Called Jesus

Many were my battles with the teachings from my childhood, and then the bible as I matured into adulthood. Was Jesus God! Was Jesus married! Did he father children! Why was Jesus called ‘Jesus Christ’ instead of ‘Jesus The Christ’! What bible was closest to the original words spoken by Jesus! Was Jesus crucified for our ‘sins’ or because he pissed off the ‘religious community’ of that time! Not that it matters, but was Jesus straight or gay! That he was Jewish is a given, but does that matter! What does matter are the words he spoke, and even that has been pro and con’s to pieces. The basic ‘goodness’ of those words does shine through though.
If the words in the bible were ‘Gods’ words, why change the wording of what God supposedly said! The old Testament was tough enough to cope with, The New Testament was equally rough to comprehend. What flavored the ‘actual decisions’ on what would be ‘allowed’ to become, that, which we know as ‘The Holy Bible’! Yes, we are told the bible is the word of God, and God being the Creator of all, was either to stupid or confused to speak clearly to his/her Creation! Give me a break. So, somewhere between the wild and fantastic presentations as written in the bible and common sense, must be some truth. Finding and living that truth become the problem. So now, for the record, I do believe in a Higher Power we call God, just not the way I was taught as a Child.

For now, what about Jesus!

Decades ago, while still looking for anything related to ‘the life and times’ of Jesus, I found that it was not a simple research project. From my early years, mention of ‘Jesus’ name, always called for a gentle ‘bowing’ of ones head. Walking past the front center door of a church, also called for a ‘bowing’ of the head. While in a church, was always in awe of the silence, aroma of lit candles, and a great feeling of ‘all is well’. Surprisingly though not all churches give that
certain feeling of awe, peace and reverence. (reasons for that is yet, another story) The point here, is that I still use that special feeling, of ‘awe, peace and reverence’. to quickly relax, and enter ‘my quite zone’. So far, so good.
Many little oddities started showing up while researching out ‘the life and times’ of Jesus’. The subject matter was rife with the ‘pro and con’ aspects, with each side presenting, seemingly valid arguments. For a person that so much is written on and about, seems that no one really knows much about the man called ‘Jesus’. When a Google search is performed, one instance shows 212,000,000 hits. Reams of data about a person that even raises doubts about this persons existence. Now, excuse, how I say the next words here. How did a fair skinned man show up in a race of people that basically was not ‘fair skinned, much less blue eyed’!
[quote]The facts are these (assuming Jesus actually existed, of course ;) :
Jesus’ skin was not white, it was a good healthy dark brown.
Jesus did not speak English.
It is extremely unlikely that Jesus had blond hair or blue eyes.
God is not white, or a man – it is completely absurd to even try to describe a multi-dimensional, universe-spanning, spiritual being with those characteristics. How can God have skin? Why would he have a penis? What would he do with it? It makes no sense at all. [/quote]

Well to cut a long story short, race and looks, are irrelevant, what really matters is ‘do the words ascribed as being said by Jesus meaningful to you or not’!
(ignoring for now the controversy on the words used)
Factual historical evidence is hard to find. I can relate well to that. Tracing ones family genealogy, in modern times is still a difficult task even with the Web, computer, and birth and death records that are presently available, now consider what was available 2000 years ago.

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