# 27 Talker on MS Windows Problems

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The Ancient One Speaks
# 27 Talker on MS Windows Problems

Well now, Microsoft is finally getting down to actually helping users of programs that function with Windows. So annoying to have a screen pop-up that says, a problem prevents going any further with what one is doing. No help is offered, no description of what is stopping the process you were involved with. If a problem was found, some info must have been available, right. Any way, Microsoft has instituted a new process, on a limited basis for now, that will offer solutions for ‘screen pop-up that says, a problem prevents etc…’. There is common sense creeping into the geek tech sector, for generally non-informative messages that show up. May help retain your sanity.
Anyway, here are links for what may ultimately be expanded into a real helpful corrective process with computer Operating Systems and Windows problems.

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