# 20 Talker on The High Self

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Peaceful Warrior
# 20 Talker on The High Self

Talkers journey into ‘thoughts’ of God and ones HighSelf.

Ah yes anytime one enters conversation regards religion, God or politics, you stir the pot of controversy. Of course there are no meaningful ways to arrive at a solution that could however remote, settle a discussion. Every one seems to have a definite and positive solution or viewpoint that appears reasonable at first glance. So I’m not about to start a ‘here is what is’ type of write, only a ‘what if it were true’ to ponder on.
Would be nice to really know the loved or cursed ‘God’ that so much is written, people are killed for, or gets a bad rap due to some one being ‘pissed off’ at what we call God. Have often questioned, if a God or another person didn’t cause you the problems or joys being experienced, ‘Who actually did cause them!’. What if bible reading, religion, and all the nice words read, leave you hungering for some semblance of a better answer. For me personally, it’s not a matter of ‘just believing what is said’ regards ones God, but what could actually become ‘believable’, in face of the situations one experiences.
So along those lines, here are some thoughts, I’ve entertained. Some are well established and written about, I’ve just filled in some bare spots.

Ah yes, the Gender Principle, with the oft misinterpretation and confusion.

Masculine signs
Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius
(Positive, outward expression, the talker, goes out and does)
(Note:’the talker’ referenced here is not this writer)

Feminine signs:
Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces
(Negative, receptivity, the listener, waits for it to be done)

(Note: The gender and qualities listed have nothing in common with the actual sex of the person, and that polarity is involved)

So what actually do those traits indicate, that one is a guy or a gal! Sorry, that’s not what it’s all about. When born, one has certain organs that are recognized as the determining gender of that person. Male or female. Personally, I tend to believe that the a soul, is experiencing at least (12) twelve, simultaneous physical life manifestations.
(Note: The Zodiac is actually 13 signs, which I will bypass for this write.) Difficult, is the expressing of ‘awareness as Spirit’, while ‘home, within source, before any birthing process takes place. Not aware of all the ‘questions’, so am unable to even start giving ‘answers’. But I can present my viewpoint on ‘How’ it might be.This will be a wild set of personal viewpoints though. Source is still experiencing. So Source sends out extensions of Source as ‘Source-SelfSouls’. Source is fully cognizant of all the potential, possible, probabilities, but desires to ‘physically’ experience it.
So here we are, experiencing.
While in spirit, we choose the actual ‘what and how’ of each of the twelve (thirteen) incarnations. We did the deciding, to set the ‘learning curve’ involved, into action, to get a full range of experiences. In SourceSpirit, one is gender neutral, well balanced
polarity, but upon becoming ‘Source-SelfSouls’ extensions, is I believe, when we may take on gender specific traits, until we return, fully to ‘Home’.
The magnitude of experiences, is unlimited potential, possible, probabilities.
Expressing ‘potential, possible, probabilities’, that involve ‘Masculine and Feminine’ signs, ‘Polarity’, plus the myriad of ‘associated traits’, is awesome, in scope.

So, as I see it, what one is feeling / experiencing at this moment in time, is by our choice to experience it. However horrific, beautiful, dull, or exciting as it may be, in the experiencing, one needs to consider that ‘We’ our-self, may have actually written the script for the current drama involved in our life.
To what degree any of my thoughts are ‘actual’ reality is my ‘question’ still being looked at and being pondered, but is still in the range of my ‘normal insanity’ thinking.
Be Well

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  • Sunshine

    I would never have trading being an Aquarius for any other sign of the Zodiac, it is so full of life and love for others and for ou simply beautiful surroundings. It has lent my mind a spirituality that is almost sensuous for the emotions and moments in time it can experience and appreciate to heights others are not quite able to grasp.
    I do see trends in behavior or patterns of behavior established throughout the years as the planetary alignments influence my paths during particular times of the year, just as the full moon influences the tides.

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