# 23 Talker on The Patriot Act and America

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# 23 Talker on The Patriot Act and America

Where are we headed as a still some what free country! Yes. pro and con conditions prevail, with most of the ‘con’s’ winning out. America sheds our youths blood on foreign soil to help protect other nations, but sneaks in ‘abuse’ of American people while doing so. Our President, as I seem to recall, pledged to curtail the Patriot Act. Seems that when presented the opportunity, he ‘broke that promise’.
Why are we tolerating this abuse! Well for starters, most voters get caught up in the glitz of press, and propaganda of politicians. Our President by the way, is now operating with the ‘cream of the crop Illinois politicians’, most of whom are dedicated ‘self-servers’ with no concern for ‘what is correct for America’ mentality.

I also experienced a problem with ‘IP’/ emails that are sending out all types of crap, AND using ‘MY’ emails and ‘IP’ address to do it. I am NOT doing it, some trouble makers are doing it. How they do it, I don’t know. Contacting various agencies ( Yahoo, ATT, Google,Spam Cop, etc) was of ‘no’ help. Basically all say ‘tough luck’ we can’t help you. Have checked and rechecked for bots and viruses, finding nothing present on this computer.
Meanwhile some screwball can send out messages using ‘your’ computer and ‘no one ‘ seems able to help!
So it’s is OK and with American government approval, to ‘illegally’ disrupt you, claiming you are a terrorist, and by using the ‘Patriot Act’ backing, lock one up.
Just for the record, you need to realize that we all are at fault with the losing of American freedom. Large amounts of money in the hands of big companies and by our elected government officials falls into the saying ‘he that has the gold, has all the power’. I’m also saying that our great American country ‘will see martial law applied in the near future, ‘ locking down numerous American cities, just to let you know ‘who is in control’ of freedom.
Recall if you will, one of our new officials, close to our current President stated ‘Always Take Advantage of a Good Crisis’. Well that process is well under way here in America.
If I disappear, you’ll know what happened, the Patriot Act kicked in.
Be Well
“The Patriot Act allows Government agents to obtain court orders for wire and phone taps, and permission to detain and question suspects for an indeterminate amount of time without trial or the supervision of the court.

Many Americans, both citizens and naturalized immigrants, found themselves unjustly imprisoned and questioned about their suspected involvement in terrorist activities. Innocent people were torn from their everyday lives taken and forced to answer questions against their will. Countless other individuals have been subject to intense scrutiny without their knowledge, through unsupervised phone and wiretaps. Their private conversations and Internet activities monitored by government agents.

The Patriot Act is a violation of everything American Citizens hold to be true. If left unchecked, the power of this bill has the potential of unmaking our society. The administration should be made to report all investigations and findings to a court of law.

In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson said, it is stated, “…all men are created equal, and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” The Patriot Act is a direct contradiction to this statement. The Act allows the government to interfere with any suspected citizens life. Any citizen detained and questioned without legal aid or representation is a victim of injustice. This detainment and questioning is a rape of the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Patriot Act allows the government to tap phone lines and wire connections of suspect individuals. However these agencies are not required to report their findings to any court of law. Therefore any person blacklisted by the government can be monitored without the supervision of the courts, courts made to uphold the laws supporting an individual’s right to privacy. This lack of supervision is extremely disturbing in that all that is needed to do this within Constitutional law is a court order to obtain a warrant for phone and wiretaps.”

The Patriot Act-An Act of Violation
USA using Patriot Act against its own citizens
16 year old Ashton Lundeby arrested under Patriot Act,
war on Christian, patriotic conservatives

Gonzales Was Told of FBI Violations

FBI Papers Indicate Intelligence Violations

Patriot Act report documents civil rights complaints
The Impact of the USA PATRIOT Act: An Update
(updated 5/21/2009)

How easy it is steal your IP address and cause YOU a problem.
McAfee: Welcome to the United States of Zombie PCs
Posted by Larry Dignan @ 2:24 am

Categories: General, Security

Tags: McAfee Inc., PC, Spammer, Zombie, Larry Dignan

McAfee on Tuesday released its quarterly report on Internet security. The results?
Cybercriminals have taken control of 12 million new IP addresses since January.

Add it up and the U.S. contributes 18 percent of the IP addresses controlled by botnets. These zombie PCs appear to be lining up to enable spammers to recover from the November 2008 dismantling of McColo Corp.

If you recall, McColo disappeared and spam levels fell 60 percent. That spam drop didn’t last long, reckons McAfee.

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