# 49 Talker on Sciatica type Back Aches

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# 49 Talker on Sciatica type Back Aches
Over the years as various hurts laid claim to my back, certain procedures were tried, that gave the best results. There are more but these were at the head of the class.

On the floor, on the back, have another ‘lift each leg’ slowly upwards. while holding the toe’s bent bent toward the head. The the leg is straight. The free hand is placed under the ‘heel. Slowly and gently that other person ‘lifts’ the leg ‘until’ a ‘tight’ point is reached. Then hold a few moments, before a ‘teenie more lift is applied, to that leg. Do both legs. Also do a ‘Camel and swayback’ type of move, while on hands an knees. Raise back as high as you can, and back down as low as you can. Yes, emotions will and can cause all sorts of back difficulties. Serious effort with this move, will assist an Iliac condition. You will hear and feel ‘knuckle like’ cracks doing this one. Lastly, do a ‘Caster Oil pack’ application, as mentioned in one of my blog posts. Doing EFT for emotional aspects contributing hurts will also assist.
Been there, did them all at times, for years, as conditions warranted
Be Well

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