# 21 Quality Sears Service, oh Yeah!

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# 21 Quality Sears Service, oh Yeah!

Well now, maybe I expect to much when allowing others to perform any type of service for me.
This latest episode is another ‘winner’ in my ‘crap’ list.

Started using Sear’s automotive a couple years back for my ‘oil and oil filter changes’. No particular reason, except it was handy. Right after the last oil change, my car was giving strange reactions when preparing to stop at the ‘stop and go ‘ traffic lights. So when I got back home I checked the ‘trans’ oil level.
Sheesh, barely any trans oil mark showing on the ‘dip’ stick hot mark, look at the ‘cold’ trans oil mark and it was barely showing any indication of trans oil.
So off I go, back to Sears to get the trans ‘topped’ off.
Now comes the interesting story.
I explained to the service rep, my two days ago oil and oil filter change, and had they in some manner ‘overlooked’ checking the ‘trans’!
Well, the story takes on added ‘interesting’ action at this point.
Sears rep now writes up a ‘service ticket’. Service tech takes car for a spin to warm up the tran. Commences to check the trans oil level. I walk over to see what the Sears service tech is finding. Techs comment is ‘you need a ‘trans flush’. I request that he just ‘top’ it off’, at which point the service tech just walks away.
I go to find the person I originally spoke to and inquire about the service rep just ‘walking away’ without giving me an answer. I now asked ‘are the fluids under the hood checked when in for an oil change’? Answer was we check all the under the hood fluid levels, but don’t top them off, only show you our findings’. I mention that I ‘was not made aware of any low fluid levels two days ago when in for an oil change’. The rep walks away and returns a few minutes later with a form and states ‘all customers get a copy of this report’. I mention that ‘I’ve never ever received such a report’ when having an ‘oil change’ at Sears. I now inquire ‘am I now to believe that for the past two years my cars tran oil levels were ‘low’ and I was not notified’? Now the rep is writing a new service ticket. I look at it, and its for another oil change for another $41.50. I again inquire ‘ I just had an oil change, all I want is to have the trans fluid level topped off’. Around this time a hostile attitude was appearing in the Sears reps demeanor.
The rep write another service ticket, to only ‘top’ off the trans fluid level. After a hour wait, I see no action taking place. But other vehicles were being processed that had arrived much later then mine and were being serviced. I go and inquire of the rep, ‘what’s taking so long just to top off the trans’! No comment from the service rep, he just walks out to where my car is, looks around, goes to a shop phone and pages the service tech. Ten or so minutes later, the rep makes another page call for the service tech. Still no response from the service tech.
Now I’m annoyed.
I walk out and inquire ‘do I owe you anything at this point’? ‘No ‘, was the reps response. I state ‘just close the hood, I’m leaving’. Hood of car is closed and he just walks away.
I call Sears Corporate to express my situation, and leave my name, and phone number. I’m told the Sears service manager would be calling me. For what ever reason had not written down the dates, but it was during the week of March 15th, 2009.
Around six PM, I get a call. It’s the Sear Service Manager.He mentions that Sears corporate had called him . He mentions he is busy with inventory. We chat for a few minutes, expresses how ‘sorry’ he is for my unhappy Sears experience. Mentions maybe I would receive a ‘free courtesy’ oil change. Nothing mentioned of ‘when’ this would or could take place. Call ended with a future call to be received.
Well I’m still waiting.
I just let it go, as I no longer trust or want any Sears service.
So much for business slanted integrity.
Goodbye Sears, as Sears is no longer included in our shopping places.
Naturally there could have been more added here, but will let it rest at this point.

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