# 48 Talker With More Chakra Thoughts.

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# 48 Talker With More Chakra thoughts

Going through and searching blogs can be like magic at times.
On can finds list describing life and death,ultimate realities, tutorials that stretch ones imagination. That these WordPress posts may assist you, in what you are seeking, pleases me.
Chakra’s can be, when first learning about them, quite confusing. Learning from some of my experiences may help.

The so called Star exercise is one of a few that I use, and a Chakra enhancing process.
Basically, Legs spread apart, stand erect, arms out to each side. Left palm facing up, right palm facing down, enter your quite zone, use imagination to visualize lightening like energy going into the left palm, flowing throughout the body, and our the right palm. There is more involved of course, and you may want to check out my other Chakra posts in this blog.

Another routine I much prefer to use what is called ‘The Middle Pillar’, in it’s simplest form

When I’m having a beautiful day, I know some of my Chakras are wide open. When I’m in an off mood, I realize that some Chakra has either ‘closed down’ or was picking up some one Else’s ‘vibes’. Sadness, happiness, anger, or whatever, can be why I’m in a ‘mood’. When all is functioning ‘as should be’ ones ‘chakras’ are like the ‘shutters on a fine camera’, but doing so ‘mostly’ in slow motion. This automatic action will adjust to what is being received. Beauty, harmony, love, hate, anger and so forth, will cause an automatic reaction to take place. Good is perhaps a wrong word to use, but for this post will use it. Good vibes, will be sending healing or corrective energies to associated physical glands within ones body. Bad or poor vibes, if sent to the same glands, will cause said glands to release certain hormones that trigger various and not so nice feelings, like tension, stress, anger, hate etc, that give rise to ill health and even arguments.
By using ‘intent’ and imagination, and contrary to what many might say, one can ‘close’ to what ever degree desired, a specific or ‘all’ Chakras. When one is constantly experiencing the ‘bad’ days, day after day, is when a good full Chakra routine will set things right again.
Grounding is part of establishing harmony. Won’t go into detail at this point, as there are numerous sites and printed words that cover each Chakras function, and they are many. You wont go to far off base in the reading those descriptions, as most will be correct, regards the ‘what and how’ of activity and function.
How many Chakras and colors and routines, is another story, as no general agreement is to be found.
Chakras can fully closed, partially closed, or be wide open. Each action will cause a different reaction within you, depending on ‘You’.
The question you raise ‘will eating meats and cheeses/drinking alcohol etc unbalance them, falls into the category as above, ‘each action will cause a different reaction within you, depending on ‘You’. Truth be said, a whole book could be written covering just those items.

I hear one say ‘sorry for all the questions’, to that statement, there is only one answer, and it is to ‘question everything, and to ask questions if you don’t understand a ‘thing’. Do of course, keep in mind that as I’ve stated, ‘this is from my perspective’. You may experience major or subtle variances. Neither is good or bad, only your spiritual and physical reactions to the ‘who and what’ you are in this moment of ‘Now’.

Some Talker story:

Ego was shedding tears profusely, just sobbing away. Body ‘chimed’ in with a gentle voice ‘hey, Ego why you busting the tears!’. Ego was silent for a second and busted out with barrels of tears and sobs. Finally Ego starts talking and saying ‘No one loves me. Many want to kill me. Many wish I would disappear. ‘Why’, would so many have thoughts like that about me’! Body thinks for awhile, smiles and yelps out loud, ‘Talker, how about some help here please’. ‘Sheesh’, Talker replies back’ When speaking about ego and body, I feel like an onion in a Petunia patch’.

Ego stops crying , smiles and pops up with ‘ you got that wrong. It’s Petunia in an onion patch’. Talker laughs and says ‘nope, I said it right’. The onion (aroma) part is at odds with what many think and believe regards ones ego. Just give it a thought.

Without an ego, Spirit and Soul would be pretty close to being the same, perhaps though with a few variances existing.

Shucks, I may well be completely off base, but I believe that when ‘WE’ took on an ‘Ego’ we added ‘flavor and spice’ to experience the physical life. True, that ego, got carried away and started thinking incorrectly, that Ego was the key to it all and the ‘master’ for experiencing physical life, ignoring the reality of the situation. Ego is exposed to a large array of beliefs, religions, and printed words, and by nature, assumes that it (Ego) is supposed to go along with it all.
Ego is endeavoring to give the ‘Spirit and Body’ everything it can for gaining unlimited experience’s.
Spirit, along with intent, and careful prompting, can train ‘Ego’ to ‘filter’ all the input, through the Chakra’s, more in keeping with ‘Spirit and High-self’ preplanned goals. Progress is shown, when ‘Ego ‘ finally begins to sound a warning signal, when improper actions start to take place. Improper actions that clash with ‘Unconditional Love’ are flagged by a ‘trained Ego’ for corrective action to commence.
This is the ‘onion’ aspect that was mentioned earlier.
With a trained Ego making ‘choices’ and calling the ‘signals’, leading to a pure or at least greater harmony, tends to decrease the time it takes to fully experience physical life.

The kicker is when Ego allows the so called ‘negative aspects’, to take over, for those negative experiences. Now the Ego gets a butt kicking and the blame for having done so.

Question becomes, ‘are we here to fully experience physical life with all the attendant ups and downs, or not’! If yes, one needs to be thanking Ego for doing it’s job. If no, then why enter the physical life at all.

Supposedly, ‘Home’ is/was perfect, but to actually experience real
emotions of the created world, one had to actually enter it by birth.

To make it all a game and real to the Soul, memories of ‘Home’ were blanked out. We needed to be complete ‘newbees’ to this type of physical existence. Otherwise, why play the game at all!
Now, added gamesmanship steps in. What Ego inserts as part of the learning process, will directly affect the body. Good, bad or indifferent it’s all part and parcel of the learning process.

You wanted experiences, and you get them in a wide spectrum of
brands, flavors, styles and shapes and ones Chakras play an important part here, as filters.

It is said, that we create our own reality, why, is the question! How many realities do you or others see that are precisely the same in every respect!

Rare isn’t it, to see that sameness in all realities of humans.
So again I inquire, why the variances, if not to fulfill ones desire to experience.

We are unique Souls, each and every one of us, doesn’t it make sense then, that from soul to soul, experiences will basically be different!

So there you have it, Ego and Body, coupled in with Spirit and Soul.
End of Talkers ‘wild story’, but give it some thought.

What one can be experiencing is not generally found answered in any writeup. I’m not the total answer to all posed question either. What I generally is point one to the use of a simple Chrakra routine. This would get one into an overall balanced state first. One, from my experience, needs the simple process as a starting point. Emotions experienced and with a tad of research applied would now indicate where more effort should be put. Have used the Star routine over the years, and do get a balanced effect feeling. Consider though, if any specific Chakra is ‘highly charged’, while another is, lets say, weak, out of position or tilted, very possible that the ‘highly charged’ one is going to build up a block, giving unusual sensations. One also needs to work with the Aura, that is intimately linked to the Chakras.
Often the question comes up ‘is there a message from a Higher Self trying to communicate with you’, how would that communication pass through the blocked Chakra! It couldn’t. Various methods can be used to ‘check’ the Chakras, energy tests, pendulum or ones own ‘imagination’, use your intuition and let it guide you. Just keep in mind, that ‘energy thoughts’ follows ‘intent’ and coupled with intuition, you will make the right corrections.
Initially it is all trial and error, until a certain feeling tone kicks in, and you feel comfortable with what is being done. I don’t believe that there is only ‘one’ and ‘only one’ way of doing Chakra routines. Regardless of who does a write or book on ‘the how of Chakras’,there will still need to be personal adjustments made to accommodate the users feelings. In situations of this nature, words do get in the way of making an explanation. So the process is variable.
Sorry for the scant contribution here, but at this point you need to ‘wiggle and jiggle’ into what is corrective

And as I often mention, much more could be written here, but for this moment in time……..

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