# 136 Power2Go Wont Open Followup ! Updated 6/25/09

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# 136 Power2Go Wont Open Followup!
(update 6/25/2009)

Whew, what a battle. Did have a couple glitches show up doing some record and copying of disks. Not sure what was doing those glitches. Power2 Go would reach the end of a recording session and something would cause a computer reboot, messing up the just recorded disk. Did a reinstall.
So, just completed a record and a 4 disk set of copy.

Will see what pops up next.

Now folks keep in mind, my bitch is not about ‘how Power2Go performs’, it was about not activating when wanting to record a disk.

Yes, it was all in the Win XP Pro permissions, security and registry settings.
What is confounding, is the fact that Cyberlink engineering and Service Desk were unable to give meaningful assistence with their own program.

My original post is getting some what lengthy, so starting another thread here, as I don’t know positively, that what I’ve accomplished is permanent or not, or what else is still lurking around waiting to surprise me.

Time wise, should have just ‘deleted’ the CyberLink Folder, and moved on. But it’s not my style to just ‘give up’ when situations get tough. So waded through anger, frustration, touch of insanity, software engineers that are unable to assist, software company that stopped responding to my pleas for help, and a lot of sweat.

So searching blogs, lists and posts, even the Cyberlink forum, no help was found.

Not even sure, if what I did, might apply beyond my unit and version of Win XP Pro, Media Center 2002 version.


What a battle this has been. Cyberlink Power2Go, had been a severe point of annoyance.
Catch the past tense!
Had another go at the beast from early morning on. Yesterday (6-2-2009) had managed again, to loose all ability to get Power2Go running at all.

Of course my experimentation’s in ‘permissions, gpedit,and regedit, couldn’t have anything to go with that! (LOL)

Sheesh, many times I was ready to throw in the towel and just give up. Unusual for me to reach that point though.

Now that Power2Go appears to be working as designed , will need to wait a few days, to see ‘what. if any other crap will now interfere’. Will also need to backtrack the hundreds of steps and restarts involved. Also little things like, ‘Did any other program get knocked out by what I did doing my thing’.

Questions remain though. Was the last ‘corrective’ action the ‘real culprit’, or were ‘ALL’ the friggin things done required!

So now that I’ve got it to what appears a ‘ click the desktop icon, and Power2Go runs’ condition, will wait before I post any more on it.

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