# 49 Talkers Chakra Reality

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# 49 Talkers Chakra Reality

We are, as I have read, and believe to be true, spirit, soul and body. This triad is intimately related to each other. What happens or affects the ‘one’, will also affect the other two in some way, shape or form.
So now, what takes place when one causes a process, that specifically causes the left and right hemispheres of the brain to synchronize, or ‘lock’ together, as I would call it.
My point of view is that doorways to unlimited potential is now present.
Here now, is where it truly gets complicated.
Opposing forces will mitigate and contribute an arbitrary outcome to be experienced.
So what are the opposing forces that are mentioned!
Beliefs, intentions, health, religion, living conditions, locality, age, gender, and diet are at play, at all times.
Fortunately or unfortunately all those listed items, can be either positive or negative. Memories acting as filters to all actions, are stored within ones body, and are also, in one way or another, registered on ones soul as life experiences.
Memories are powerful energies at work.
(these are my conclusions)
There is a constant interplay between positive and negative energies, causing or creating specific actions and reactions throughout ones soul and body.
In that ones Spirit is pure and perfect, only the soul and body is where the battles take place, with the mentioned positive and negative energies.
Now, it seems and I believe it to be true, the Chakras, are the prime filters, and transformers to and with the existing positive and negative energies experienced, creating yet, a new set of working energies.
Brain entrainment through use of special frequencies of sound, creates new pathways within ones brain, contributing to enhanced activities being experienced.

This of course is due to the creation of new and more positive energies being put to work. Eventually the opposing negative energies are surpassed by the positive energies, tending toward greater harmony with less soul and body conflict being experienced. Much overlooked is the fact, that memories are not only energies, but are and can be powerful, stored, positive or negative emotions.
So meditation, special music, prayers, art, brain entrainment, harmonious relationships, and nature scenes can all contribute to better soul and body experiences.

Negative emotions (energies) will always be present in some form, but the intensity involved with each one, is reduced with proper use of the just mentioned actions.
Equilibrium is being restored with each positive action taken.

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  • sunshine

    We, as ever loving humans, are capable of so much kindness and good that it perpetually astounds us. To love,to smile, and then dismiss the naughty, to embrace the best in fellow man, and move back into the sunlight.
    That is living!

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