# 138 Talkers WordPress Versions Experiences

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# 138 Talkers WordPress Versions Experiences.

So before I get lambasted by the adherents of ‘change for change sake’ devotees, I point out ‘I do like WordPress’.
It’s free, and it is to a large degree, trouble free.
So what’s my ‘complaint ‘ here!

Well for starters, I came in with WordPress version 2.3.x, and than rapidly came new releases leading up to WordPress version 2.3.3.

Each ‘improvement’ of course, created ‘new’ problems with one or another part of the WordPress version being used. The screw ups introduced by the newer updated versions were eventually resolved.
Anyway that seems to be how I experienced it.

So, now came the nags. ‘Your version of WordPress is out of date, please upgrade’.
Well, my efforts to set up a ‘multi-blog’ similar to what I had with ‘Blogger’, was a rigid learning curve. My yelps for assistance in WordPress forums, was futile, as all I was getting was ‘multi-user’ (not multi-blog) advice. Seeking advice from those advertising themselves as ‘Experts’ (from Google searches) was just as futile.

Being told that ‘what you want, cant be done with WordPress’, was a downer.
Some experts said that what I wanted, was ‘beyond their technical skills’. Another finally did try to convert my thoughts into a desired scheme. (some of these experts were paid to give real, if futile advice)

I had wanted the eight blogs I had with Blogger to be listed as free standing, and separate blogs. Not being a programmer per se, and with only slight HTML awareness, it was a tough go. Efforts with various pages, posts, and schemes was slow and frustrating. Finally, a pattern was found that started showing results.

Only thing wrong, was that I had eight blogs under ‘one’ heading.
Ok, so run with that setup scheme.
That setup became ‘Talker On Health & Psychic Reality’ at:

So more frustrations in setting up an ‘Index’ page, and finally some progress was made. Fine tuning all the posts, pages and the index page, took a few more weeks.

All is going relatively smooth now, except for the ‘nags’ to update. So in a moment of naive insanity, I ‘upgraded to WP 2.5’.
Wow, that upgrade turned into a pure ‘nightmare’.
Some Plugins were messed up. My ‘Index’ page was totally corrupted. My posts were interspersed with ‘gibberish’.
Ah sheesh.
Oh well, the backups, I had wisely saved, due to all the warnings received, would restore my sanity. Well now, you won’t believe this, but my hosting services ‘backups’ wouldn’t ‘backup’ my ‘saved backups. Stupid program just sat there, saying ‘Backup in progress’. Well, being new to the process, I let it run ‘all night’.
Next morning, it was still saying the same thing. Sheesh, where did good programming and service disappear to! Call my host, and received no real help, Tech I had spoken to wasn’t even aware they had a program like that.
Not to worry though, I also had a ‘saved backup’ downloaded to my computer. Yup, there it was, and now all the FTP AND host efforts kicked in. Host efforts were ‘no go’, FTP showed ‘corrupted’ saved files, unable to process, or words to that effect.
So I wipe it all out, and do a Blogger ‘import’. This worked. Now reset all the things that were previously at least ‘working’ seemingly OK. Back in the blogging world again.

One thing wrong here though, the new updated WordPress version 2.5, was seriously flawed. All the good things were left out by those hard working, dedicated people doing the spiffing up of the ‘old’ version 2.3.3, to the new 2.5 version. Sheesh, it was to me, a ‘shit, I’m going back to the old WP 2.3.3 or fully
back to my original Blogger platform.

Wipe it all out again, reinstall WP 2.3.3, (glad I had saved a copy) re import from Blogger, fine tune again, restore the posts and index to ‘workable’ conditions.

Now I monitor all the news regards Word press updates and progress. Bugs, plug ins that no longer work, themes that contribute to messes, and schedules for the next ‘improved’ release. Beta this and Beta that, release after release to correct the flaws. Guess some folks never heard of the phrase ‘ the hurrier I go, the behinder I get’.

Now I read of the ‘Beautiful’ new and perfect WordPress release called 2.8. I wait and sure enough hers comes WordPress updates to the update 2.8., to correct the many ‘bugs’ showing up!
A list of ‘nice’ things can be found at:

Now go to:
and see what 2.8.1, is all about. Seems WordPress is scheduling bug fixes, yet releasing the buggy releases!

Ah yes, don’t matter that a newly released program is less then the best it could be, just keep messing around making changes just for the hell of it.

With a tad more know how at this stage of using WordPress, I foolishly did update to WordPress 2.8. Well, the new ‘automatic update’ worked fine. Only now it was the old plugins were (I guess) not compatible with WP ver 2.8. Pow, all my plugins were wiped out. Still had the clunky interface, so I went back to my old and obsolete WordPress version 2.3.3. It works just fine, for how and what I use it for.
Posting is what I want to do.
Not making a career of trying to get all of the new upgrades to ‘work’. WordPress to me has become a ‘Swiss Champs knife’ like program now. Handy to have a ‘Swiss Champs knife’ while out in the wilderness, could even be a life saver there, but if I have to give up my WordPress version 2.3.3 for any reason, Goodbye WordPress, I don’t care for or like your upgrade versions.

As a background to all my experiences with WordPress, need to point out that the first books I had purchased were along the lines of a ‘Swiss Champs knife’, handy for numerous situations, yet highly limited for practical application and usage.
Wordpress For Dummies, (ISBN 978-0-470-14946-1) by Lisa Sabin-Wilson,
Wordpress Complete (ISBN 1-904811-89-2) by Hasin Hayder fell into that category. Good books overall, but some short comings.
The book by Mati H Fuller on WordPress Tutorial For Beginners, (ISBN 978-0-578-02270-3) was what I really needed when I first bumped heads with WordPress. A short and complete how to ‘install’ a first time WordPress new install.
No high tech material, right to the point, do this, do that, and WordPress is now installed, a step by step process to a trouble free install. Of course if its more technical stuff you want know, you will need more technical books mentioned.
So there we have it, for what its worth. My WordPress experiences to date.

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