# 139 Talkers Lonely Petunia In The WordPress Patch

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# 139 Talkers Lonely Petunia In The WordPress Patch

Ah yes, progress, what an amazing word, when pinned down to specifics. Blogging is supposed to be a joyful event in the least end of it, and for some, a money making business at the other end of the blogging spectrum.

For this blogger, it has been a flip-flop ride between pleasure and pure frustration.
Wont detail the problems, but if your interested, check out the links below.

In an effort to sincerely give the updated WordPress 2.5, and 2.8 versions real time posting, here is what I did.
I set up Xampp on my computer, along with each of the mentioned upgrades, one at a time. Now keep in mind, that all I want to do is post in my blog. Not in the least bit interested in making a career of getting WordPress or fake blogs setup to frustrate me with all the time consuming efforts to ‘run’ them.
Xampp, wasn’t so troublesome, yet there was a learning curve involved. Mostly it was my overlooking a simple ‘back slash’ that was at the root of the difficulty. Was my boo-boobo while highly annoyed, and not the instructions for installing Xampp.

So now will jump to what is frustrating with WordPress and the latest versions of it.
I have eight blogs running. All under one domain. Self-hosted. All I want to do, is the posting. Weary of the WordPress learning curve.
So on my fake Xampp blog, I do a trial posting.
Sheesh, another learning curve.
Oh well, follow it through, and see what happens.
Yup, just like when I tried the first upgrade.
Anything that actually enhanced posting to a blog, was GONE!
Oh, many goodies were there for a diary type blog, and I can see how helpful the new scheme is for that type of posting.
But I don’t have a diary type blog, I have a multi-blog, type of blog, under one heading.
Gone is the getting the post ID number rapidly.
Gone is the listing of my individual blogs, only a ‘diary’ type listing, unless I pump in a ‘month’ and do a ‘filter’ action. Than came finding my blog ‘index’ post and listing. The way the new upgrade is setup, it would take an hour to do a simple post, due to being a multi-blog setup.
(not counting the actual writing time for any version)
With the original version I use, it only takes ten to twenty minutes, to post two or three writes.
Ah yes, three steps forward, and six backwards, and that’s called progress!
Ok, so I’m beefing at WordPress upgrades, NOT WordPress as I have it. Yes, I did post complaints in WP forums, and made suggestions regards the new upgrades.

1 comment to # 139 Talkers Lonely Petunia In The WordPress Patch

  • Ah Talker,

    I’m so new to the learning curve of ‘codes’ and while reading in your links above noticed the saying at the bottom of the page; ‘Code is poetry.’

    Had to laugh! In which language?!? Like being well groomed in English and handed a book in Armaic or Kenji on Thursday, with a test on Friday!!

    Still getting my eyes back into focus!

    I appreciate you open and honest expressions, I certainly can agree and I am just a newbie at these things!

    Thank you for sharing,


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