# 51 Talker on Why No Healing Miracle Today!

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# 51 Talker on Why No Healing Miracle Today!

Having studied the many and varied methods of the healing process, there were hundreds of joys and sorrows, that came along with it. Elated with some, a downer with others.
Why the seemingly ‘failed’ efforts.
Couldn’t understand, why, if a process works with a certain person in bringing in any kind of relief or healing, why doesn’t it ‘work’ every time!
So with my existing lack of understanding, I broadened my interests into miracles, hands on healing, faith healing, psychic healing, running energy, energy work, Reiki, Huna, EFT, food, vitamins and minerals, and herbs.
Now, I wont pretend to be expert in all these modalities, but will say that I am highly conversant with them all.
There were a few other fields, but will bypass that for now.

Regardless of the process or method used, there seemed to be a common thread with each and every one.
Namely, that there will be some failed efforts, or no seeming healing taking place.
Some thing along the lines of that sorrowful medical joke ‘the operation was successful, but the patient died’.
Another that comes up is ‘there are no incurable diseases, but there are incurable patients’.

Sheesh, what a mess to wade through.

Was about the same time, that my awareness was being expanded deeper into the religious and spiritual realm.

Regardless of ‘what’ a healing modality is called, be it, running energy, energy healing, faith healing, psychic healing, etc., there is a kind of ‘use it or loose it factor’ involved. So one needs to practice, right!

You can do do all the ‘mental healing practice’ you want, but there is a need for ‘live bodies’ to practice with.
Sensing energy flow, and warm, hot or cold spots just doesn’t happen when doing imaginary all in the mind ‘energy sensing’. In Real Estate I’ve heard the saying, ‘location, location, location’, is the ‘top’ money maker for agents.
Now there may be natural born ‘healers’ within the genre spoken here, but wasn’t exactly ‘natural’ for me.
So my mantra was ‘practice, practice, practice, with modalities, along with ‘practice scan sensing, practice scan sensing, practice scan sensing’.
How does one gain experience, except by actually doing a ‘thing’.
So I ‘needed subjects’.
Had better receptivity, at times, from the cats and the dogs, regards ‘laying on of hands’, they enjoy it.
Got to the point, where anyone close, relationship wise, wanted nothing to do with my efforts toward any type of healing. Although there are some few, that welcome my offer of assistance.

OK, so we don’t produce an immediate miracle, but you will feel less stressed and better than before the healing application, or a headache is gone, or the healing energies may wait for an appropriate ‘right’ moment before kicking in and completing the healing.
Then there was the, ‘do I initiate the offer of healing’, or must the ‘other person’ make the request first!
Like in politics, there are three schools of thought here. One, is ‘ask’, second is ‘don’t ask’, the third is ‘just do it’.

How in the world is one to gain a meaningful answer to those kinds of approaches!
Was no easy situation to cope with.
So I sought ‘inner’ guidance, and found it, and is what I follow now.

(in response to another’s short healing demo session)
Am pleased that all went well. Am extra pleased that you are sharing the experience.

While I normally do not solicit any, to give me feedback on healing energy ‘Work”, I do appreciate all the feedback.
Not from an ego based desire, but from the matter of ‘how effective is the method being used’ to do the healing.
I adhere to no strict protocol , but did learn many techniques as every soul, must be approached from the ‘souls’ perspective of ‘what is the best way for that Soul’ to reach optimum healing.
So with the guidance of the ‘Holy Spirit’ and the ‘Soul’ receiving the healing energy, I just let my ‘hands’ become instruments to better serve and apply Gods loving energies.

Did at one time, and even a tad yet, feel disappointed that an ‘actual miracle’ didn’t immediately take place.
Is a period of time that I was introduced to ‘why no healing will take place’.
It was a heart wrenching and sad revelation to cope with, as I lacked at the time, the necessary understanding, that ‘ones Soul plan’, is different than my idea of what needed to be accomplished.
So during my early experiences in applying healing energies, must admit, that ego at that time, needed training.
I wanted and desired to know that what I was doing, was beneficial to another,
but without the ‘ego’ thinking ‘Look what I can do’.
All true healing energy is ‘Source’ in action, and not the ‘ego’ actions.
Learn I did, even to the point of extreme sorrow bringing tears to my eyes, that what was being applied, may only be a temporary relief for the Soul being worked on..
As I learnt and came into more profound aspects of Spirit, Soul and Body, was a ‘heart touching’ revelation’.
So, all healing is successful, from the ‘God’ perspective, as Source is never unsuccessful, but ‘free will’ of ones Soul,
and the souls desire to ‘experience’ is where the understanding takes on new meaning,
The soul during certain times of experiencing, just refuses all healing, if not part of it’s ‘soul plan.
This was the hard to understand part.

Ah yes, the open doors of more profound awareness, is all a learning curve of ‘awakening’ to Gods willingness to let one experience, all that is wanted, in the experiencing.

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10 comments to # 51 Talker on Why No Healing Miracle Today!

  • Wow, Wow, Wow Talker!!

    I am so vibing with you here. I love your musical song of language my friend. It touches me in the deepest part of my Being.

    Thank you for your Presence and your excellent sharing here my friend!

    Be Well,

    InJoy this day,


  • Laura

    Oh wow!! I LOVE the new look!!

    Love and Blessings

  • Vanessa Lum

    I don’t know how I really got here! I appreciate your insights and thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hello JuliainKC,
    Better late than never.
    ‘musical song of language’,
    I like that.
    Thank you for commrnting.

    Be Well

  • Hello Laura,
    Appreciate the thumbs up.
    Will one day have it all under control.

    Be Well

  • Hi Vanessa,
    Do believe it’s called ‘syncronicity!
    Be Well

  • Wow Talker!!

    I agree with Laura! Your site is really humming along. Great work being done here. And my goodness, my Dear Friend, you are a busy wonder!!

    Keep up the Inspirational Sharings and musings ~

    Love and Hugs from KC,


  • Hi Talker,

    I was reading in ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’ the otherday when I noticed something that I had ‘overlooked’ before. She states that the primary Physicians Oath text was, ‘When no help can be given, than do no harm.’

    Hmm, so, perhaps if one is not really open to changing or healing than this may inhibit healing …

    Some may be comfortable in their misery I suppose yet as you say often and I agree, much more could be shared here …

    Love your blog!

    InJoy this day,


  • Talker

    Hello Julia,
    This book ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’ is a great read.
    Would be a read, of great interest, even for the male species.

  • Hello Dear Talker,

    Yes indeed. It really could be titled ‘One Who Run with Their Souls’ as it’s wisdom and insights apply to all genders.

    InJoy this day my Beloved Friend!


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