# 18 Tapestry of Life

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# 18 Tapestry of Life

When one is standing close to or on top of their problems, they fail to see the beauty in their life experiences. Would be like standing in one of the dark corner spots in the picture shown. Taking a moment, being silent, and stepping back a few steps, one can then see the beauty within their overall life experiences.

Tapestry of Life

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2 comments to # 18 Tapestry of Life

  • Hi Talker,

    I appreciate the wonderful reminder and beautiful visual of the Mandela!

    The webs we weave ~

    I share some thoughts with you here that rise in vibing in harmony along with your sharing.

    ‘Merely looking at the world around us is immensely different than seeing it.’

    ~ Frederick Franck

    “We are the flow, we are the ebb, we are the weavers, we are the web.’

    ~ Shekinah Mountainwater

    Many Blessings, Be Well

    InJoy this day Talker,


  • sunshine

    In my minds eye the one place to stand and reflect on life would be the Ocean watching the waters bring in the tears of mankind that keep washing up on shore, and back out to that ocean so much power in that ocean.
    The sounds of the oceans anything from a wishhhhh at the lowest tide to a roar with the full tide.
    The smell of the sea, the feel of it about your face as you hit the sea air.
    The soul healing sunshine and waters soothing your mind, embracing your soul, making you come to grips with things you couldn’t face before. Making the pieces to life’s puzzle finally fit.
    Yes I could stand before the ocean right now and gain so much strength from it, but until times level out a bit, I will have to stand before her in my mind, and remember the beauty.
    “The beauty in life bridges from left to right on the arch of a rainbow, kms “

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