# 53 Talker on The Healing Hand

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# 53 Talker on The Healing Hand

Came across this heart touching story and process, while seeking more data regards a process called Do-In,
(is like acupressure)
In that I use an admixture of techniques, and do find that certain processes, do gain favor over time,
would like to pass this one, on to my readers.
There is merit to using methods like these.
While the ultimate goal is a full healing, there are times though, when the result is less then desired,
but to even bring any degree of comfort to another, is serving humanity, when giving the best of ones God given ability.
While another's name is used here in the instructions below, mentally replace that name, with the one you would be applying the healing to.
With that in mind:
Healing Technique

The healing technique we will be using is a very simple technique and requires no special abilities or skills.
In this technique, your right hand will be placed on the back of Don’s neck at the seventh cervical nerve and
the left hand will be placed on the 'chest' (thymus), 'on your head' or 'in a resting position'.
The seventh cervical nerve feeds the bone structure of the body and the thymus gland governs the immune system.
We have adapted the technique a bit by adding the thymus point to support Don’s specific needs.
The hands-on healing must be maintained for 72 hours around the clock.
We are hoping to create a healing loop that will ignite Don’s immune system so that his body can heal itself — with our help.

We have learned this technique through Hanna Kroeger, a famous herbalist from Boulder. A Native American shaman taught Hanna this technique and it has also been used by Hunzas to heal bones. Hanna relays one story about this technique where it was used on a woman who had her pelvis fractured in 22 places due to an automobile accident. Hanna went with a group of women to see this woman. Hanna’s group took turns keeping their right hands on the woman’s seventh cervical nerve for 72 hours straight. On the fourth day, the woman was able to walk, and on the fifth day, an x-ray revealed that the bones had knitted together like new.

Although there are no special skills required, we do ask you to have an open mind to the process. We are looking for people who have some enthusiasm for healing experiments. We ask that you focus on and be mindful of love and gratitude for life while touching Don. Think positively, pray, or bring good energy to the healing; whatever your faith requires. We have no guarantees that this will heal Don. However, at this time, it is the best we have to offer him.

The official step by step process is as follows:

1. First 10 minutes: Right hand on Don's C7 - Left hand on top of your head.
(This is effectively using the immune system and energy of the volunteer to channel directly to the C7 entry point for bone healing)

2. Second 10 minutes: Right hand on Don's C7 — let your left hand drop and relax

3. Third 10 minutes: Right hand on Don's C7 — left hand on Don's Thymus

4. Next 20 minutes: Right on Don's C7

5. 10 minute break at end of 50 minutes — then repeat whole thing.

During the night, while Don is asleep (hopefully) we only need to do the right hand on C7.

If you choose to "Lend a Healing Hand," please call or send an email to set up a scheduled time or ask questions. I will provide you with a map or directions to Don and Freddie’s house when you call to schedule a visit. We will do whatever we can to help you feel comfortable with the process. Please read through the What You Need to Know information to help you prepare.

Don and Freddie Waddell thank you and celebrate your love and openness to this opportunity to help Don. It is with a gentle and tender heart that we have reached out to each of you to be a part of this. We thank you for caring and being here for us!

About Don Waddell Lend a Healing Hand
What You Need to Know

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