# 54 Talkers Easy Free Health Status Check

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# 54 Talkers Easy Free Health Status Check

Passing along some of my methods, used, in checking ones health condition.
Sheesh, that one would have clued me in about this process six or
so decades ago.
Do realize not all are as intensely interested along these
lines, as I am, but am now doing the sharing.

There are four crude ‘Paint’ drawings showing a persons back.
Two people are required of course.
One to do the finger pressure, and the one being checked.
The two mound columns, (one on each side of the spine) are used.
With firm finger pressure, both index fingers at the top, by
the neck, pull the fingers straight down to the hip area.

(the index fingers may be two to five inches apart,
depending on the size of the person being tested.)
Now wait a minute or two, for a reaction to set in.

There is a ‘normal’ no skin color change, result.
There is a ‘red’ color, line result.
There is a ‘white’ color, line result.
There is a ‘variegated’ color, line result.

Process must be done on a bare back.
No bra straps in the way.
Using the two index fingers, start at the neck point.
Use firm pressure, draw a straight line down to the hip line.
The finger pressure must stay firm all the way down.
Now wait a minute or two.
Watch for one of the four described ‘color’ conditions to result.
Ordinarily, one of the four drawing ‘colors’ listed will show up.

If ‘no’ color lines show, basic spine, nerve, and organ, health are in relatively
good condition.

If the color lines are ‘red’ or ‘pink’, it indicates the spinal cord underneath is
anemic and organs fed by these nerves are in similar condition.

If the skin color lines are ‘white’ or ‘blanched white’ the spinal cord is
congested or glutted with blood.
The organs these nerves feed though, are anemic and sick.

If any number of variegated ‘red and white’ lines appear, it is telling
you that the nerve supply to the spinal cord, skin of the back, and
organs are very unstable. There may be one or more color changes
show, in no particular order, depending on ones actual health condition.

Exactly where, on the back, these red or white lines show, is what
determines the next actions. A bit of study, regards the spine,
would indicate what organs and nerves are involved, and no short
post as this, could explain it easily.

Basically this method gives a clue, on basic body condition.
Desired of course is to have “NO’ color lines show up.

white lines
variegated lines
red lines
no lines

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