# 50 Talker On Push Button Psychic Success

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# 50 Talker On Push Button Success

Amazing all the secrets to obtaining wealth, happiness, spiritual enlightenment, past life experiences, and future seeing, with push button ease.

Of course there are a few ‘catches and gotchas’ involved.
There are the ‘Intros’ delicately written to draw one into a frame of mind called ‘desire’, and persuade one to buy the program..

Words that play on ‘why’ you were unsuccessful with all your prior attempts at ‘getting’ your dreams desires manifested, and that it is not your ‘fault’ for the failure, our program will correct that failure. Appears that all the ‘squeeze’ pages are claiming to be the ‘one and only’ method to obtaining everything you’ve ever wanted. All it takes is $37.00 to $5000.00 and you can have it all. Just buy the course, or attend a seminar.

I see many well known names and organizations riding the path to wealth, on your dollar. Not saying that all the programs offered are valueless, but most are misleading, once you get into the depths of the program. Of course there are success stories with many programs, and of course there are more unsuccessful than successful, you never hear about.

Noticed as time progressed, that once the market got saturated with similar material, the big switch was to ‘coaching’ and joining the various levels of ‘membership’ offerings. There is the ever constant pressure to get one to upgrade to the higher priced levels to ensure better results. Again there are success stories, and lifetime ‘help’ always available to one that did join up.
Well, if the programs offered are so ‘magical’ in fulfilling ones desires, why is a lifetime assist even required or offered! Now in all fairness, many programs are of great value, and do give results.
What had happened though, is that original programs are fancied up with a few new scientific findings, and offered up at $100.00 to $300.00 price increases.
The latest trend is to offer a freebee, and if you did read the fine print, you were also automatically ‘opted’ in to a monthly payment plan, of $25.00 to $60.00 or more per month.
Some of the companies, are also offering, with consideration of the difficult times people are experiencing, a split the large dollar amount into a three or four month payment plan.
Ah yes, the entrepreneurs showing compassion for your difficulties, regards layoffs, tight money and destroyed dreams due to world conditions that prevail.
Yes, there are programs and methods that do ‘work’. Are they all worth the $500.00 to a $ 1000.00 you eventually wind up paying for them, is the big question that begs answers. If the program does what is claimed in the descriptions, well and good. Yet for every two or three testimonials saying ‘WOW’, there are dozens and maybe even hundreds, unmentioned, that are now worse off financially than they were before that investment.

Basically there is little difference amongst all the programs being offered. Where the success or lack of it, is, is in you’re actual thinking process. Some are blessed with the knack of getting results, others struggle to even see even minimal good results, some just give up. So it all boils down to ‘what do you have to overcome’ to get desired results. We are all unique souls, with certain backgrounds, conditions, and desires, that set the tone for getting positive results. Yet it can be frustrating to see the dark energy forces of some people gaining success, while a non-dark force energy person meets only failure. So many variables, that defy understanding, that leads one to just give up with efforts toward betterment of life conditions.
Some of my blog posts reflect what worked for me. Would they work for you, only trial and error, plus time would determine that aspect.
So the bottom line is, it takes time and dedication to obtaining desired results with most any worthwhile project.
The bright side is, if one person can make a ‘thing’ work, you can also, with time and dedication, obtain that which you truly desire, and is good for you to obtain.

So it is not Source or God, with a grudge against you, it becomes your beliefs, will power, efforts and willingness to open your mind to actually obtaining your true desires. That it takes time to reach that given point, should be of no concern, as genuine and from the heart beliefs will eventually make it so.

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