# 141 Talker on Beliefs

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# 141 Talker on Beliefs

While many of my posts are thinking out loud , with no place to put them in a meaningful manner, delighted to expound upon them.

To questions posed:

Is a ‘cautioning to everybody about the ‘train’ of belief.’

Not my intent to assaulted the bible, a still very valuable book. Just dislike being clubbed with it as the final authoritative final word when speaking on or about it.

Human curiosity, regards a historical figure, as Jesus, is why I would like to ‘touch’ upon any facts if available. Lacking the historical facts here, one only has the ‘man made stories’ to make some serious ‘belief’ choices, on what to believe. The reactions deep in my heart and soul, validate, for me, the truth of what was said regards Jesus. It is the energy of his, if they were, ‘words’ that flavor my choices. Have long marveled at the many words found about a person, that must be taken at ‘face’ value, and of what is found, that came to be written about, through recall or scant notes, many years after the Jesus event.

Beliefs arrive and are formed from many sources. So is a very serious matter when the ‘events and words’ are at odds with each other. Beliefs are the formative backbone of what develops faith in a something. This faith, and belief situation is more complex than greets ones eyes.

Well, it’s much like a child at an early stage of life, that looks at the person in front of them, as being there solely for that child’s needs and comfort. The child at that point, has no other reference point, until more experience is gained. So before any ‘feel secure, ground solid’ can occur, there must be a reference point established. When we are born, all spiritual reference points are ‘hidden’, and that is what makes life so interesting. We gather outer experiences, and if, how to say this, all is well, no problem. But if tiny slivers of ‘something is not right’ starts causing inner unrest, is when you seek other ‘input’. some will find ‘inner’ guidance readily. Others will find a book or forum like OUR, and read that ‘you’ must go within for assistance. Still, some others will see a beautiful ‘event or scene’ and receive their ‘ahaa’ to that inner guidance.
Because we are all unique and special souls following a Soul plan, how one perceives a series of words, will be tempered by that Soul plan.
Quite the learning curve.

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4 comments to # 141 Talker on Beliefs

  • Hi Beloved Talker,

    I love reading your thoughts. You are so open minded and I find this very refreshing and expanding to my view of the picture! Reframing and resizing the ongoing view.

    Just sharing from my well some of my ever evolving thoughts on beliefs … so many of us have our beliefs firmly in place by the time we are oh, age seven. Firmly and deeply planted into our’inner’ subconscious world by our perceived’outer’ conscious world influences.

    We in lucid moments can recall the bells sounding within when something is not quite matching together in both worlds, like a mismatched pair of socks, in color and style. Something just doesn’t fit, yet you just can’t quite put your finger on it. Still learning the language. So we tuck these bells away and one day the moment arrives of heading out and away from our early formative beginnings … and hey! wow! there’s a whole big world out here to explore!

    Introducing us perhaps for the very first time of questioning what we once considered as our God defined by others growing up by our deepest influences, our parents or primary care givers … many do not question their parents belief systems due to guilt of betraying parental figures, fear of parental figures being ‘wrong’ or misguided in their own beliefs and or fear of being exiled from said family, and so on … what in us keeps us going through with our quest to know what we believe ourself and then what allows some the big heartedness to disagree with another yet also respect their right to believe whatever way they do that gives them peace of mind? hmmm …

    Years later, this child, coming to a place of rest after rubbing shoulders with all sorts of diversities of beliefs … realizing for myself that what ever gives one peace, in being happily fulfilled in their life and able to really InJoy living their life, agrees with me.

    I find my peace in spending more time in the restful space of the in between worlds. Like sitting on a swing on a windy day and being pushed higher and higher, through the trees, toes almost touching puffy clouds and sky, then feeling myself as the swing, wind, trees, and sky. And moving past the sensing of the physical props by letting go … and flying through mid air and loving the freedom of the flowing experience ~

    Much Much Love Beloved Talker! I’m so happy you are here! Thank you for listening to my deep sighs out loud …

    InJoy this day,


  • Dear Julia,
    Thank you for taking time to post a comment.
    Thank you for the peek into your awareness, and how experiences shape ones thinking..

  • John Durham

    Wonderful thoughts here Talker. Namaste.

    You in all of your experience say that it’s more complex than greets the eye this idea of how beliefs affect our lives. It is soo true, and yes so complex.

    So complex, that at some point, after all of the searching, and all the unveiling of mystery after mystery, we do all that work only to find that the veils go on forever…, eventually coming to a place where we see that all the indescribable feelings of oness with the great mystery of God, came down to a simple moment of “aha!”…which defies definition or even language as we know it.

    I call it “knowing”… because it cannot be described by “knowledge”.

    You find “God” before you find the complete encyclopedia of truth… and you find much fascinating truth along the way, so all is appropriate…as you say each has his own soul path, which is affected by belief… we cannot avoid beliefs… we cannot choose a single one that represents the complete truth… we can only experience from the the belief choices we make…and we can choose to change them at will, or we can let them mutate into our will itself unknowingly and non deliberately.

    In any event,

    The mysteries continue unfolding forever and the truth walks on all paths… lest any man should boast.

    Love you Talker. Thanks for the confirmation of yet more truth.

    Namaste wise and gentle soul,


  • Thank you John, for making time to leave a comment. The sharing of thoughts and experiences, are trails and seeming ciphers to some, yet can lead to another’s ‘Ahaa’ and supplies to them a missing part of their puzzle.
    That value in our words, may assists them, in such fashion, makes the efforts worthwhile.

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