# 30 Talker On Microsoft Update and Activex

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# 30 Talker On Microsoft Update and Activex

Was Microsoft update patch day 10/13/2009, so went ahead and did the usual things involved. All went well and did a reboot as called for when done installing the updates.Don’t recall what triggered it, but went back to the Microsoft update page for some reason and there it was. The notice that Activex needed to be installed before the updates could be processed. So I clicked the go ahead and do it button. Up pops the notice ‘do you want to install this program’, so I clicked ‘yes’ go ahead.
Oh yeah.
Now a notice pops up ‘Windows has closed down this program to protect your computer ‘.
Say what!
Nothing I did would change that ‘shutting down to protect my computer. Had to be a conflict of some sort with the ‘new updates’ and my computer. Went online and sheesh there were already a couple dozen complaints already logged in. Tried a few ‘fixes’ with no success. So did a rollback to an earlier date. Yup, all worked normal. So went back to the Microsoft ‘update’ page same as before I had applied the updates.
The usual notice of ‘checking your computer etc’ to see if there was the proper programs to proceed with the updating. Yup, it went on to check and popped up a window saying ‘Updates are ready to be applied. Confirms my thoughts, that the ‘updates’ had created the problem. Now I’m thinking ‘what do I do here. Ah, shit, do what past experiences had revealed.
So did a cleanup with ‘Cleanup’. Did a defrag. Did a SFC /scannow. Wow, there were like forty calls for ‘Need disk to apply required DLL’s to allow the computer to operate properly’.
Had way back in time and frustrations, found that one recovery disk of two, did allow a swap of new DLL’s to take place and refresh the DLL cache. Lucky me.
So today 10/16/2009, I went back to Microsoft update and allowed a download and install to take place. Did the required ‘reboot’ to finish the updating process. Went back to the ‘update ‘ page to see ‘what’ would now happen. The usual update screens popped in, the usual checking ‘your computer for etc, and up pops ‘No critical updates found’. So all was well.
Still curious though, I checked what had been installed and found that only eleven of the stated thirty that blurb’s were mentioning were installed. Yet, the recheck done, stated ‘no updates found’.
Not sure what of the thirty updates that were supposed to be installed means, when only eleven of them were applied.
So time will tell.

2 comments to # 30 Talker On Microsoft Update and Activex

  • sunshine

    Microsoft and update for big security patch rendered my computer crashed upon coming in that morning at work…..oh what a fine start to a busy office day….and so I worked at getting it past the blue screen with the white letters, and 45 minutes later was able to get it to restore to several days before….some loss of data, but much better than the loss of all data.
    I do so hate improvements other people think I need.
    a day in the life of Sunshine

  • Hello Sunshine,
    Ah yes, never mind the total existing problems, before release of a program, we can always patch it on the run. Sheesh. I can fortunately bull my way through most of it.Do dislike the many ‘flakes’ that crop up with all the improvements.
    You are one handy gal and hope your boss appreciate you.

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