# 19 Talker on The Illusion of Life

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# 19 Talker on The Illusion

As I see it here, there is a prime Universal Tapestry, showing unlimited, holographic, individual segments of various shapes and colors, that fit together as a whole.
Is that Universal Tapestry, that, which I know as Source, I ask myself, incredulously!
Going closer to see just what the individual segments are, brings into sight an amazing, breath taking awareness, of activity within those segments.

What is this feeling that I’m becoming aware of!

An awareness of a million billion trillion brilliant sparkling shapes, fit together as One.
What is this, awesome magnificent sight!
I must know and find out what it is.
There was a gentle whisper, that filled my being, as a brilliant glow. The whisper became a voice saying ‘I Am You’. No, no, no way, are you me, I reply in a panicked thought. I still stumble and walk through the shadows.
Yea, fear not, as I do not walk beside you, I Am You.
Now I’m completely blown away.
Please some one, explain this to me.
The gentle voice now says, “When The Soul asks, The Master appears, you did ask”.
Oh boy, what did I get into here kind of thoughts are flowing in and out of my mind. Well, I finally think, might as well run with this flow.
A bit bolder now, I ask, ‘what am I seeing here, please!’.
‘You are seeing the YOU, the ME, the I, the WE, and the US, that is the total I AM’.
Aw, your kidding now, aren’t you!
Only if that’s what you want, the voice replies.
So I’m talking to myself now!
Yes, if that’s what you want, the voice replies.
Bolder now, I ask ‘when I pray to you, am I praying to my self then!’
Patiently and gently the voice continues ‘Yes, but why ask for that, which you already have, the power to create your own self’.
Aw come on give me a break, are you saying I can make or create my own goodies!
Yes, is what is being said to you, the voice states.
Why all the crap then, that I experience, isn’t that your doing!
With infinite patience,the voice continues, ‘We are evolving into higher awareness, and in that awareness came the desire to play with creation. To experience all, is where OUR creativity took on new meaning. Some while in the physical plain, managed to create what is now called ‘hard and difficult’ experiences. Others of US saw this as brand new experiences and decided to also play that game. It was happily talked about in our get together, when experiences were being discussed, on how exciting it was to blank out all memories of how we can immediately correct what we want to correct. So it became a challenge to enter the physical plains, and like those new electronic fun games, learn to master the ‘hard and difficult’ aspects, and rack up ‘points’ as the newer ones call it.
What are all those ‘individual segments’ I saw earlier. I now ask. The voice continues with, those are us, waiting for the filling in of gained experiences.
Completely amazed and baffled, I ask, ‘How can I be out here asking a question, when you are saying I’m in there racking up points with colorful experiences!’
With a loving laugh now, the voice goes on, ‘some of us were highly creative, and created a complex holographic energy, that can be manipulated to suit ones experience desires. So you are here as an illusion, with a preplanned holograph, yet in the main sphere, with full magnificent awareness. As you gain colorful, albeit, with sorry consequences at times, you fill in your individual segment of the whole, with your new experiences.
Any experience gained by one soul bit doing illusion experiencing, is shared by all the souls at home, that make up the whole.

Well, I’m finding that all hard to comprehend, why all the mystery here. Still patiently and gently the voice continues, ‘no mystery here, is what we wanted, in order to expand, and further evolve into even more beautiful beings, with our creativity’.

Loudly, a voice is yelling ‘come on dad, wake up, you promised us a trip to the park’. Wow, is one of the kids poking me in the ribs. Shake my head, to clear the fuzzy, what a dream.

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