# 23 Talkers Harmony and the Conn Strobotuner

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# 23 Talkers Harmony and the Conn Strobotuner

Ah yes Harmony.
Now for a Talker story.

Decades past while still active in field electronics, had a call to repair a Choir masters, church organ.
So there I am, after the repair, with a Conn Strobotuner, all set up and tweaking the oscillators to perfection, as indicated by the strobolight.

Another job well done.

Same day we get a call, ‘what did you do to the organ, it sounds terrible.
Back I go, recheck with the trusty Conn Strobotuner.
All is perfect and stable.
Sounds good to my ear, but the lady says it ‘just don’t sound right’.
What to do now!
Place a call to the Conn Organ company, and speak to my engineer contact.
Explain the ladies comment of ‘don’t sound right’ even with the perfect ‘lock’ of the tuning oscillators. The engineer thinks a moment, and must have smiled, as he says go back and ‘minutely ‘detune’ with whatever shows first , of a minus or positive from the strobes zero stand point, for each oscillator. Well that didn’t make sense, but what was I to do, to satisfy the ladies musical ear.
Off I go, to purposely detune an organ, as suggested by the Conn engineer.
I do a few of my infamous Elmer’s Tune, notes on the detuned organ, and the lady smiles, and says ‘oh, you finally got it right this time’. Sheesh.
What was lacking, as I came to find out, was the rich harmonics, produced by slightly detuned but ‘almost’ perfectly locked electronic frequencies, gave nicer sounds then a perfectly tuned organ.
So harmony is not necessarily the same for all experiencing it.
So lesson learnt.

1 comment to # 23 Talkers Harmony and the Conn Strobotuner

  • Wonderful story Talker!! I really appreciate how these aha’s show up in resonance.

    As you share here, ‘So harmony is not necessarily the same for all experiencing it’, I’ll hold the note longer by singing … and in the understanding of this and accepting this is what allows harmony to be maintained with one another in the Universal Song of ~ Love thy neighbor as you love thyself.

    Much Love and Appreciation,


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